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What is the difference between the Coper and theGeneric Ribavirin?

I am Geno 1b 48 weeks
I will start a treatment tomorrow. I got my prescription today
Pegasys 180 ml- one a week
Coper 5 tabl- 1000 ml
but my pharmacy gives me ZyGenerics brand instead of Coper. I am so worry about side effect. Can you please tell me if there are the same?
Thank you
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Many of us were switched by our insurance companies from brandname Ribavarin to the generic at the beginning of the year. I think it just became widely available although it's been out there for at least 6 months. Anyway--opinions differ.I know some folks on the board fought hard to stay on the brand name stuff I switched to the generic and haven't noticed the difference--side effects still stink. I suppose the jury is still out, but lots of generics have been proven just as effective as the brandnames. When I was taking the Co-peg the 'list' price was about $1,300 a month. Now that I'm taking the generic the price has dropped to a 'mere' $600 a month. My co-pay stayed at $30 but I think if I had fought for the brand name, at best my co-pay would have gone up to 50% of the $600. I think I have a lot more to worry about re: treatment and Hep C then whether I get the generic or brand name drug but that's just my opinion. I remember Jim saying that 'he chose to leave the dance with the same lady he came in with' when they tried to switch him. So--there is another opinion. By the way Jim: if you are reading this, good luck to you--I know you are winding down and weaning yourself off the board, but when I first started treatment last Spring I learned so much from you--thank you.
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We were <a href="http://www.medhelp.org/perl6/hepatitis/messages/40150.html">discussing that here</a> not long ago.
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Posting above to Illona reminded me of this study, which may bear reposting.  

<i>The use of higher dose weight-based RBV (1,000-1,600 mg/d) with EPO at the start of HCV therapy significantly increased SVR in patients with HCV genotype 1:
-across all body weights
-in both whites and blacks
The increase in SVR was achieved:
-despite the need to dose reduce ribavirin in 31 percent of patients
-significant reduction in relapse occurred. </i>

<a href="http://www.natap.org/2005/AASLD/aasld_61.htm">From Here.</a>
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In reading the report posted by goof....all I can say is duuhhhh.

I think the participants here, even in our less than lucid moments, could have come up with that hypothesis.  In fact, I think we have the various test groups underway in the 'Medhelp Study' going on right now...Cohorts.
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<i>In reading the report posted by goof....all I can say is duuhhhh.</i>

Glad to see those mental functions returning to full capacity ;-)

As I read that report, I interpret it to say that an extra riba pill a day can really improve odds for SVRs. There are a few of us here, but I think it's far from routine for folks to ask to start tx with higher than stardard riba. Woth a read for new patients, IMHO.
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If I knew at the start of tx what I know now I probably would have been inclined to 1000, rather than 800 in the early week/months. I think that I would even subsribe to the pre-IFN riba build-up too.  On the other hand, and this is not at all scientific, it seems like a whole lot of folks seem to cross the anemia line at 1000 and sooner or later hit that wall. Tough choices to be sure.  Riba is just nasty.
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