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What is tx that everyone talk's about

My late husband had cirrious, hep c, along with diabetis, he passed away on March 21st 2004, from Hepatic Failure, and I'm wondering what TX is that everyone is talking about, he was never on anything that they referred to as TX. He was 43, and I don't understand these medication's you all are talking about.He alway's had a platlet count of 35000 or less, but please tell me what TX is. Thank You and God Bless You All, Hope You All Have Success.
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TX is abbreviation for treatment which is generally interferon and ribavirin. Mike
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I am sorry about your loss and hope the grief becomes easier as time goes by.
TX is medical abbreviation for treatment just like dx stands for diagnosis. In Hep c, treatement involves using some form of interferon in conjunction with ribavirin. This is the approved, most effective attempt to erradicate the virus available at present. Perhaps your husband's condition was too advanced for the meds to be of any assistance in his case. Meds don't help in every case. There might not have been anything anyone could have done for him if he was diagnosed too late.  I am sorry.
Hep c just got its own name in the mid 90's, before that it was called non a non b hepatitis,  so testing is not widespread, and treatement is relatively new in comparison with Cancer tx.
I wish you the best.
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i'm so sorry for your loss...my prayers are for you today...sandi
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Thank You for the information, and now I know what Tx mean's, the Dr.'s didn't want to use interfurion because he had to high of a risk for bleeding. When he got very ill his blood amonnia level was 352, so please everyone take care of yourselves and my prayer's are with you also, as you are not alone I also have Hep C. but is not active at this time, and pray to GOD everyday that it never does. GOD BLESS YOU ALL
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Do you know your genotype?  I am(was) 2b.  My liver failed and I went into a coma when I had unstoppable esophagus bleeding b/c my plattlets were almost noexistant. I lost the sight in my rt eye due to unstoppable bleeding in 1999, b/no one tested me then.  When I had my coma bit, 9-12-01, my ammonia levels were off the charts, b/I still wasn't tested until the end of Sept 2001.  Sent home to die both times.

I went to a big city hospital, w/no insurance, to get a genotype and see a specialist in hep c about what  could be done.  He got me into a trail which paid all meds, since I was a 2b and had nothing else to loose, we skipped all the other tests-we already knew I was way sick.  Well, I cl'ed the virus from my blood in 18 days.  That was two yrs ago.  I'm on no other medication and normalized my blood values thru nutrition and herbs and life style modifications  before, during 24wks of tx and after.

Think about taking tx.  You know what happens if you don't.  Good luck and may you find strength and peace.
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You really need to follow-up on your HCV with a Doctor. It is important to monitor at least every 6 months. You may think that the symptoms are just age related, and ignore warning signs. I am very sorry for your loss, but I am sure that the people who Love you would not want you to take care of yourself. God Bless
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