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What is up with the changing to passwords, etc.?

O.K. this is ridiculous!  Why do I have to keep changing my password, etc. to get into this forum.  Secrecy, what!!!

I hope everyone is well.
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Welcome to the forum.  I can't help with the password dilema but hope you're well and truly joined now!!!
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Maybe you could contact Medhelp and ask them. I think there have been some older members experiencing similar problems after not having been logged on for a while. Maybe something happened with all the updates they have been doing.
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I used to simply use the password that they assigned me.  It would always be so random that i could never remember it.  I would ask for a password prompt and they would send me a brand new forgettable password.

I finally got with the program and set a password that I would remember.  You also often have to check a box which tells your browser to remember your password.

When medhelp does forum updates it often removes your setttings and you have to start over.  generally this is not often.

Anytime that I clean out my cookies it generally removes the memory of the password.  That is still no big deal; I have to log back in but since I remember my password that's only a quick process.  I have sometimes created areas where my cookies are stored and place medhelp cookies into an area that I don't clean out but it seems to not be effective 100% of the time.

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Thanks everyone for the answer to my question.  I will contact Medhelp and work on my cookies (thanks Willy).
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Well look who got through the back door, hope all is well with you. Good to see you back again. Are we still breaking bricks???

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Hey Cando, great to hear from you!  I took a sabbatical from reading about Hep C on this forum.

I am well and working with creek restoration projects, amongst a crazy amount of other stuff.  I tried getting back into the martial arts and decided on going to a small gym which has dance classes, such as, Afro-Brazilian workout (which has a smattering of Capoeira martial arts).

So what's up with you?  Are you retreating?
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*How* did you set your password? I can't find where to do it...
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It's been a year or so since I did it; I'm not sure that I remember this correctly.

When I would not remember or couldn't find the random password that medhelp issued one could request a new (randomly generated) one.  I think that it was on this screen or "window" that one had an opportunity to create their own password.

So.... how does one get to that point?  You would have to log out, then you would have to hit the log in lnk at the top.  On that screen I believe that if one couldn't remember their password.

Ha ha....I don't remember; like so many other things in my life, I did something but have no idea how I did it.  ; )

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