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What made you know you had Hep C

I recently contracted Chlamydia from a prostitute and IV user. I think my liver area is hurting, as there is a sharp pain in the area where my rib cage begins. At first I thought it was my kidney. It depends on how I move as to whether I feel it. I have not had any yellowing of my urine, skin or eyes. I have had the pain for about a month. My eyes do look increasingly blood shot. My stool is not pale or yellow. Did anyone here experience such situations when suspecting they may have Hep C? I know it is not suppose to be transmitted sexually, and I show immunity to Hep B, but I am assuming this may be Hep C.
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Your odds are very slim of picking up HCV, most of us didn't find out for decades usually from a routine blood test showing elevated enzymes or donating blood.
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My hubby has had Hep C for 38 years, probably, with no symptoms other than increasing fatigue a bit over the past 6 yrs.
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If you are questioning that you might have contracted Hepatitis C - get tested and you will know for sure.  Hepatitis C is transmitted by blood to blood contact.  Lots of people have Hepatitis C and don't know they have it.  Once again, get tested for Hepatitis C if your in question.  By what you have posted...you practice risky behavior and it would be to you benefit to get tested for Hepatitis C. Many times there are not symptoms.

Get Tested For Hepatitis C And Know If You Have It Or Not
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sorry to hear that your in so much pain. i would go to the doctor and talk with him about my concerns and let him run all the test that need to be done. it could be anything, not just hep C. wish you all the best and please keep us posted..
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  I never felt a thing, not during the acute phase, and not for the 20 some years afterwards, and this tends to be typical.
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