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Who Teaches The Teachers


In case the article can't be read, it's about a HS science teacher who allows 50 students to use the same lancet to extract blood with a finger stick.

Capped off by:  "This is minimal risk," said Yvonne Gibbons, director of the health department.

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Hmmmm is right! What were they thinking???????
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Somehow I don't thinking entered into the equation.  I wonder who hires a head for the Department of Health which would make such an assanine statement?
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If you would like to call and voice your opinion to the Department of Health person who said it was no big deal you might try the Salina Health Department (City-County):

For information regarding public health-related services, call 785-826-6600
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Good idea on voicing your opinions!!! Here is a link that will get you some department heads at the Centers for disease control and prevention.. How do you control or prevent, if you have IDIOTS like this teacher and the "director" of the health department conducting acts such as this? What are we teaching?

<a href="http://www.congress.org/congressorg/dbq/officials/agencies/?id=4366&dir=congressorg&command=depresult2&submit.x=11&submit.y=13">Contact the CDC</a>

I just find this absolutely ridiculous!! "minimal" risk? I bet the lawyers are lined up for this one! LOL
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Where do the school systems come up with people like this. It must be a special search that involves a brain scan rectally. Hope everyone is doing well today. Dale
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Bad enough the teacher is missing a brain, but how would you like to be the parent of a JUNIOR or SENIOR  that didn't see any danger in doing this.....come on, ist grade, maybe? But high school?

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Thx, I sent a letter both to the general email inquiry address and to head of the department which deals with HIV.

Of course Hepatitis is not mentioned anywhere under any of the departments, but that should be of no surprise to most of us here.
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Dale,  Good to see you post.  Been wondering how things were going for you.  How are ya?

I know there are some teachers here and I am absolutely positive what I say does NOT apply to you.  Hope you don't take offense.

After working in schools for awhile, I find myself saying over and over, These are the people teaching our kids?  No wonder the world is such a mess!  And Administration is a whole nother mess!  And to have the gov and society in general put them on such pedastals is revolting.  Thankfully, those teachers are greatly in the minority.  Most are really there for the kids and not the paycheck.  

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I personally know of a few teachers for which that sadly is not the case.  Several of them have in fact said that they "hate" kids.  When I asked them why then do they teach in a school, they responded "because of the benefits and we get the summers off".

Fortunately I have met teachers who do love their job and find enjoyment in teaching.  Unfortunately, it seems in the schoold disctrict where my children attend, they are becoming a minority and that a lot of that change in attitude comes about once they receive tenure.
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Really feel bad agreeing with these negative statements, but I'm afraid that's often the way it is. I worked for the Provincial government consulting with teachers and schools re: behavior and special needs. Lack of interest and downright fear of our teens was pretty common. Teachers are asked to do a much more encompassing job when it comes to the students lives, but still, dont take the job if you cant or wont try to do it well. Bad teachers can cause damage. Sure hope no-one I know (from around here) gets ahold of this. I'm constantly in sh!t for expressing my opinion on this subject!
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very good info as per usual...thanks1 keep us posted, enquiring minds you know...
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Well, what do you expect from Kansas?  This is the state that for a number of years  outlawed the teaching of evolution.  I believe that law was recently rescinded, but surely Kansans suffer some deficits in their knowledge of science.
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we are not in kansas anymore, toto..
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Geez, I hate to hear this. How could a high school science teacher NOT know this is dangerous? It makes me very angry, especially when there are so many GREAT teachers that teach our children under difficult circumstances. This gives teachers a bad name. Perhaps if people realized the pressure and responsibity we put on teachers we would pay them, support them and educate them in a way that they deserve and need. Obviously, this teacher wouldn't have done this if she were trained properly. I know at my school we have in-services that teach universal precautions. It is required each year. I'm not saying all teachers are saints, but there are a lot more good ones than bad.
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I'm not sure how the theory of evolution equates to ones knowledge of science.  Even Darwin stated that his theory would probably never be proven to be correct.  To date there has not been one example of any species changing into another species, which would be required to prove evolution to be a fact rather than a theory.  Hence the ongoing search for the missing link, any link, of a species changing into another which would show evolution to be more than a theory.

Nearly all of the foremost scientist in every field will tell you that when one looks at the astronomical odds of all factors falling into place for even the most basic of carbon based life on this planet, that there is more evidence for the theory of intelligent design than for evolution.  Many will even confess that they will not go on public record with such a statement because to do so today would be equivalent to committing suicide of their careers in that field.

Stupidity knows knows no boundaries and IMHO it's unfair and intollerant to label any segment as such because of where they live or the belief's they wish to hold.  It's called freedom and is precisely why the USA was founded when a group of people felt they should be able to hold religious beliefs which differed from those of the Church of England.
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I thought we weren't supposed to argue religion in this forum. People in this country are, thank God, free to believe what we want to believe.  However, knowledge of the theory of evolution is required for anybody who desires a decent score on the SATs and subsequently a decent enough college education to be able to teach adequately.  There are people in this world who don't believe that HIV causes AIDS, and they're free to believe this, but I wouldn't want such a person teaching my children.  In my humble opinion, belief in a Creator does not preclude belief in evolution, but belief in the literal word of the Bible does, and teaching the Bible as anything other than literature is not the job of the public schools.

As an aside, back in the dark ages when I went to high school, we all shared the same lancet in biology class for some experiment or another.  Oh dear.  Maybe that's where I got hcv.
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You are the one arguing religion.  I'm simply pointing out two independent theories.  You appear to assume the intelligent design theory automatically equates to one surround a Biblically defined Creator and trying to turn it into an argument on religion.   This seems to imply that you may not have looked at the actual theory but perhaps listening to anothers opinion upon the theory.

As for SATs, it was not all that long ago that any knowledge of the theory of evolution was required at all.  After all, if I'm not mistaken, it's only been 81 years since Darrow argued the Scope monkey trial which paved the way for the theory to be taught in public education at all.

The crux of my point was the remark infering that all from Kansas must be stupid because it took them so long to allow the teaching of the theory of evolution is an unfair label to apply to the people of that state.
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Thank you Grandoak, I was born in Kansas, and have a very big beautiful family that still live there, they are all well educated, and so are thier children , I myself have 21yrold boy who is at this time is in the military protecting the good ole U.S.A....
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<a href="http://www.venganza.org/about/">CFSM</a>
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The Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster? Okay....LOL

You are always there to lighten things up. I am worried about this thread turning into another religious and political debate. Please don't!

We all know we don't agree on this stuff guys, so why go there?
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I never said that everybody from Kansas is stupid.  I merely stated that science educators in Kansas are unable to teach what most universities require of their applicants.  Sometimes we have to learn what we neither like nor believe in, simply because it's part of the basic curriculum, part of what is expected of an educated person.  When I majored in English, I had to read books I detested, like "Paradise Lost."   It was part of the curriculum.  Actually, I changed majors because of that, but while taking that particular course I forced myself to finish the book.  Knowledge of evolution is required to pass college level science courses.  You can retain your personal beliefs, but you do need to parrot the info if you want to pass your exams.
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In CA it is required to teach evolution in the 6th grade. It is in the state standards for all students to learn. Some teachers who don't believe in evolution teach it anyway, they seem to do okay with it. I know alot of students also have a problem learning about evolution, with their own religious upbringing, but if it is taught correctly, students can get a perspective of both without offending anyone.
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I have to admit that the partaking of the holy noodle ramen was FUNNY.....
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