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Who has gone the course of their treatment plan be it 24 or 48 weeks and then some are now SVR 6, 12 and 24 weeks post of their post tx.

It would be interesting to see just how many who have over the past years here on MedHelp.

Jepperone  1b / 2 year mark SVR
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2b / 2 1/2 yr. SVR.
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3a treated 32 weeks, 6 months SVR in October 09. Will have my 1 year PCR in April.
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To your post.....

I assume you meant 6, 12 and 24 months

In Denmark, where I live, they stop testing after 1 year....
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Hi Marcia,

Yes, I apologize for the confusion it should have read 6, 12 and 24 months post TX and may explain why such a low response to the inquiry which would prove interesting to see just how many who have treated and have gone onto SVR within the 24 to 48 week time frame which are the majority of those treating. I would also think and hope it would help give encouragement to those who come here seeking information about treatment and see the many positive results of treatment through the trials and tribulations of others who have come before them and to keep it going by those who are ending treatment add to it, after all isn’t this a part of the boards overall purpose, to give encouragement.

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geno 2B. 24 weeks of SOC, clear 2 years later
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1b, 28 weeks SOC+boceprevir; SVR, Still clear 36 weeks post TX.
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Geno 1b,  48 weeks SOC, clear 6 mos post tx.
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Type 3a, age 55, starti g viral load 7.5  million

On pegasys and 1000 weight based ribiviran
RVR at 4 weeks into treatment

still undectable at 3 months post treatment
minimal side effects during traetment
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Gen. 3 TX Pegasys Copegus

for 24 weeks, positive at PCR week 4, negative between week 4 to 12.

PCR 6 months post TX:   Sadly positive.

I may do an other Tx in June.
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52 yrs old, Geno 2b, 24 wks soc, 2 yrs SVR.

And very grateful for it!

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geno 3, fibrosis 2/3.

1st treatment 2004, 24 weeks, relapser.  800 riba & 180 Interferon - Pegasys

2nd treatment 2009 - current, 48 weeks, RVR in 4 weeks, still UND at 12wks.  Retreatment, 108 ug interferon & 1,000 Rebetol. (weight based)

I think anyone with fibrosis regardless of genotype should do 48 weeks treatment.
And get checked for insulin resistance before starting, get it under control with a Low GI diet, no sugar at all.
Im sure that I was insulin resistance in my first treatment, ive always had abnormal blood glucose tests, but even if you do have normal glucose tests you still need the fasting insulin test to check whether insulin resistance is still present.  Using the HOMA IR Formula to work out if you are IR
Formula = Fasting insulin x Fasting Glucose/22.5

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thanks a lot for that formula

was just looking for that. Indeed it appears IR is a major factor.

I am wondering why that is not being  checked routinely.

I just did pre tx baseline bloods. Do you think IR was on the labsheet ?

Nope, just caught that last minute by reading about IR on UK forum

and put it on the labsheet myself.

And than I being told that the hepatologist I am with is one of the best.

you can be ir without symptoms so there is no way to know unless you test

for it.

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1a- 2/2 - VL- 75 million.

Txed 55 weeks SOC...Undetected at 7 weeks- SVR 15 month post tx.

I thank my blessings.
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72 weeks SVR three years and two months :)
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1a - 2-3/2-3 VL 6 million

UND by week 4, tx for 48 weeks.  EOT 08/05/08

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2b EOT August 13, 2009
24 week PCR results tomorrow
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