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Why I had a fever 5 days after my shot?

I am on TX 29/48 for the past couple of weeks I had a fever on 5 day after my shot. it never happend before..
I take Pegasys 180 + Riba 1000.
Also, I have been UND since week 8..
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I too get fevers at strange times. I get them at day 5 sometimes. Not sure why it happens, but have heard that since we are peg/Inf it is time released and sometimes hits us in the middle of the week. I don't think it's anything to worry about unless it is really high.

I am on the same dosage as you are and am 22/48.
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Speaking of med's sx's...how is your rx process going?  I just spoke the specialty pharmacy and mine's still in an auth/cert process.  The calendar on the wall says you're two weeks from week #1.  All set?
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Well I've never had that happen but it doesn't mean it can't.   But remember we attribute everything to the disease/treatment but it could just as easily be JUST a fever for some reason.
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NY; Yes, you are correct! Especially if you have never had this sx before, it could be a bug or something else.

Ilona: I have been having either low or high fevers most weeks, at various times, throughout tx. I know this is as sx of tx. If you haven't had them before, it could be a bug or something. keep an eye open.
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Thank you all..
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Also going thru specialty pharmacy-waiting for delivery instructions. Mon I have an appt wih my primary to settle up w/referrals. Shot night still 10/6. I waa glad to read post other day re driving while on tx. Still will need to be on road for work just not as often. Have my calender set up for no client calls for month of oct to see how I react to tx. How are you doing?
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Doing well.  Still getting some of the house-maintenance stuff out of the way, been putting it off too long anyway.  My work travel has been reduced over the past year, which is just fine with me.  Got an e-mail from the boss yesterday asking that I take a trip in October.  Rats, looks like it will be middle of week 2.  Oh well, gotta do....
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Wow, traveling during the second weekk! That seems like quite a challange. I have a formal presentation last week in oct. that I am trying very hard to reschedule. I am so afraid of getting in front of a few high end stuffed shirts with the possibility of Brain Fog being attached to my hip.
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There are others on here more experienced than I, but if I remember my tx correctly (lol, big "if"), my brain fog (and most of my sides) didn't show up until several weeks on tx went by.

It may be better to go on week 2, 'cause by week 15 you might not remember to get off the plane, lol.

- Carolyn
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Boy can I relate to having to address groups on tx.  Just prior to dx I accepted presidency of a business and professional organization (lawyers, accountants, trust officers...). We have monthly meetings and I had to get up and introduce speakers, etc.  There were a few months it was so very hard I asked the VP to cover for me. I wouldn't have accepted had I known I was going to treat, but it worked out okay.  In the long run, you do what you have to do and that is that.  

So I will be thinking about both of you - Fl and Merlino - and hope your presentations go well. Anyone else (fishdoc) who has to travel and present -- I am sure you will do fine.
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