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Why We Removed the Dr. Berkson Thread


We took down the thread about Dr. Berkson until we have a chance to check into his background, credentials and treatments.  Given this is a holiday weekend, we won't be able to do that until next week.  

We appreciate your patience and wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cindy Thompson
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If you reinstall it I want my thread "Jerkson,dont think its his name" to be a comment on that thread. And skip the title!!
I first tryed to post it as a comment there but it was gone, so I posted it as a separate thread instead. No need for that if its gonna come back is it?

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Do you plan to do that for any other doctors mentioned on the forum also?  How about recommendations and opinions that we post when people ask for input? Will you be fact-checking forum posts as well?

Plenty of doctors get mentioned in these threads.  I'm curious why you would prevent cognizant adults from discussing this particular Doctor and his protocol until you can personally check him out.  There were a number of posts in that thread asking for people to remain civil with each other to keep the thread going to allow discussion for the sake of those who are unable to do treatment or who choose to manage their HCV without treatment.  

I'm sure your intention is good but you're treating us like children.  Some people on that thread behaved like children and you're penalizing the rest of us for their behaviour. I request you pull the abusive and/or non-constructive posts and let the discussion continue.

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Thank you for checking into Dr. Berkson's qualifications.  Over the past few months he has been the subject of numerous threads by people pitching his clinic, unlike most other doctors whose names come up in discussions.  

Happy Thanksgiving.

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In the past, I talked with another moderator, Emily. She told me that discussing alternatives to interferon therapy is perfectly fine. This includes Lloyd Wright, colloidal silver, ozone, Chinese medicine,  herbs, and supplements.

If Dr Berkson is a quack-prove it in open discussion. Bring valid arguments. So far, in this discussion, the only response to people who are interested in Dr Berkson's approach was calling him Jerkson. Does this prove that his treatment is not working?
Why don't we see how Upbeat is doing and then decide on treatment effectiveness? Let this discussion continue.

If he would be a quack and a cheat, he would claim to eradicate this virus. He doesn't make such claims.

What if somebody comes here and says that he does treatment with Lloyd Wright, and will try to promote it? Will you remove this thread too? I am very interested in your response, because these threads will appear from time to time.

You need to put this thread back. If you find some posts abusive, delete them. But don't remove the entire thread, especially if you need several days to check something.  By the way, why don't you let adults who come to this forum check out Dr Berkson's credentials and methods of treatment themselves? We are perfectly capable of doing this. You do treat us like children who need to be spoon fed.

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"Thank you for checking into Dr. Berkson's qualifications.  Over the past few months he has been the subject of numerous threads by people pitching his clinic, unlike most other doctors whose names come up in discussions.  "

What you're really saying is that we need MedHelp to think for us. We're incapable of critical thinking and intelligent analysis about our own HCV management without MedHelp stepping in to do it for us.  "Numerous" threads?  I think that's quite an exaggeration.  I don't know what I think of him, personally. I'm not overly impressed with what I've seen so far however the discussion I find valuable and I'd like it to continue without people abusing each other.  If we can have people calling for conversations about fishbones and nailclippers, certainly we can discuss HCV management from outside the box and have a discussion that examines information presented from all angles and leave the interpretation up to each one of us individually.  We're invested enough to critically examine evidence presented, to ask questions in a quest to validate the information presented and to either accept or repudiate based on information presented.

I certainly don't need MedHelp to do that FOR me and neither do the other people here.  Certainly we can have the maturity to do that amongst ourselves?
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You are certainly entitled to your opinion, however, I do not require you to interpret for me, so please refrain from restating my post whih what you have decided I am "really saying," You have absolutely no basis for claiming to know my mind. English is my mother-tongue and I feel I can communicate effectively without assistance.  You do not need MedHelp to think for you.  Fair enough, then you will understand that I do not need you to think for me.

Of all the practitioners discussed on this forum, Berkson is the only one who has been the subject of such rabid devotion from followers who come on MH and "pitch" for his clinic, and bristle at any questions from non-believer members, who are variously labelled "pathetic" and "scared" and whatnot by devotees who espouse his clinic as a panacea for everything from liver disease to general malaise.  So I think it is appropriate for MH to examine the credentials, given the fact that a small group of posters aggressively promote his particular organization.

I am aware that you disagree, however I stand by my earlier statement.
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