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Why a false positive for hep C?

Well thanks to all who tried to help me in the last couple of days.  Today I got the results back from my RNA test, and  I found out after 1) a reactive response to Hep C antibody test ,  then 2) a nonreactive response to the Hep C viral load (RNA) test...  so I am so grateful that I seem to not have the virus in my system.  

Does anyone have an informed view of WHY I might have had the  reactive antibody response in the first place?  Is it possible that it was just a mistake,  or does this mean that my body has fought off a previous exposure to the virus?  Can doctors tell the difference between a false positive result and a prior infection?  I would appreciate any information from someone with a studied view of this.  Thank you so much...and good luck to all of you who are going through treatment.     Alice
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Congrats, what this means is at one time you were exposed to the virus and your immune system beat it back. This happens in around 20 to 25% of cases. Remember you will always carry the antibodies but they will do you no harm... Could it have been a "false positive"? Yes but unlikely. Best to you going forward.
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One other scenario is that you might have been infected and the viral count is undetectable.  In any scenario, go get tested again in 6 months and after that's undetectable you are good to go.
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I agree with Can-do-man that the Undetectable (negative) HCV RNA test indicates that you do not have Chronic Hepatitis C. While it is possible that the positive antibody test was a false positive, it is most likely you were exposed to Hepatitis C at some point in your life and your immune system was able to fight it off. As Can-do said, this happens in about 20-25% of people who are exposed to the virus.

You will always carry the antibodies and will always test positive on a Hep C antibody test, but you do not have the disease (Chronic Hepatitis C). You cannot pass it to anyone because you do not have it.

"Can doctors tell the difference between a false positive result and a prior infection?"
A false positive antibody test would probably be negative on a second antibody test. A prior infection will show positive on repeated antibody tests.

Here is a link that gives you some more information about Hepatitis C testing:

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Hi I am so happy for you.  It is great news.  You are lucky that your body was able to fight it off.
My best to you
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