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Why does my back hurt sooo bad?

Okay so Im 2 months post tx and since the last month of my tratment I have had moderate to severe upper back pain. Between my left shoulder and spine I am very tight and if I stretch my neck to the right I feel a tearing or pulling apart sensation in that same area accompanied by a cracking sound which seems to give releif for that second but tightens right back up. The pain sometimes radiates around to my chest. My left shoulder is also making alot of crunching noises when I move it I feel lik it needs to be pressed down or something. I am going crazzy because I cant figure out what it is. I was given flexril and that didnt work and  cant take nsaids because my stomach is all messed up. Any Ideas????? Help???
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Hi, I found a very good chiropracter and that helped more than flexirl.  A good chiro takes x-rays first before they touch you.  Also a massage , especially a sports massage helps.  Also an ice pack.  

You described my muscle spasms to a T

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I think it could be sx from the meds, I had also a lot of weird pain in the back and also  in other parts some months after tx but its much better now I´m 1 year post!!

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Thanks guys.
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Chiro helped me immensely too it does sound like muscle spasms which are the most painful things!  I would definitely advise trying one if you haven't yet. Between the doc and a heating pad that was all I really needed to feel MUCH better.
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I'm a big fan of good massage. Try yelp to find one near you. Look for someone specializing in therapeutic massage.
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Therapeutic massage can be great.  I hope it helps.  

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