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Wk 9 Harvoni, energy up and down, GI problems

Background (short version) Treatment naive, platelets 40, f4 fibrosis. infected during surgery 1963 .
    First of all, I'm showing good numbers and everything seems to be going well with treatment other then constipation that started around week 6. I should mention that I'm on a small dose (5mg as needed) of oxycodone due to a spinal injury and this could be a factor . I take one dulculax every evening and things have balanced out. Also of note if you have this problem, too much meat in my diet seems to make it worse so up your fruits and vegetables and get your protein from flounder or baked eggplant or tofu or whatever it is you like. This easier to digest diet can only help.
Anyway back to the question.....      So at week 3 , I was <15,  at week 7 undetectable, Unbelievable to see, However
" My get up and go seems to have got up and went." I was taking my Harvoni very early and then going back to sleep for 2 hours. I'm an electrical contractor and used to working long hours when and if necessary. This seems impossible at the moment as 3 days of physical work seems to wipe me out to bed for 2-3 12 hr.+ sleeps to recover. Also its hard to sleep on work days as it takes time to unwind after being physical. Usually I sleep light but well.... Now I'm all over the place. I can't take any sleeping aids when working as I have to be aware and have quick reflexes at all times.
I plan on retiring an old electrician. (There are old electricians and there are dumb electricians but there aren't any old, dumb electricians) If anyone has any sleep tips, I'd appreciate the feedback.
Good luck to all with attaining SVR, and thanks to those who have completed and stick around to help others.
Thanks and have a good week.
Sincerely, Hepcat7
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Are you taking Ribavirin also? That can cause sleep problems. I took a half dose of Benadryl every night during Tx, but check with your doctor first. If you are taking Ribavirin like a lot of us have, try to take it earlier in the evening.

As for your other problem, make sure you are drinking enough water, cut down on heavy meat, I found oatmeal every morning helped with regularity, good old prune juice too, but most of all lots of water.

Remember this doesn't last forever, you'll make it!
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Hey there I found that 9 mg of melatonin helped me and I had no problem in the morning.  Saying that I would start with 3mg, take it early, see how it works.  I ended up on 9, no hang over in the morning.  An antihistamine was prescribed for me, promethazine. You could try benedryl which is over the counter.  It worked ok.  Try not to drink caffeine after noon.  Warm milk is supposed to help.  Turkey has a substance that can put people to sleep.  Also taking magnesium before bed can relax you. I will try to think of other things.  Maybe someone else will be a long soon, good luck :)
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