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In less than 48 hours I have to make a decision to either get my starter kit and be on with the treatment or wait and let the other doctor do further testing for fibomyalgia? I was diagnosied on May 31. I have hypothroyid , mental challange, copd, mush stress, low blood pressure recently illness, pains everywhere you think of. My biopsy showed stage 1 grade 3 with geneotype 2 and viral load of 64,800 but that was in July. And let me say my prayers are with all of you. My mother, father, and brother have all recently passed and my children live with their dad in the next city to me. So I am all alone being told i need to lean on family ?????/and friends///? hope to find some here.
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frog i wish i could help you but i don't know that much about geno 2...i'm geno 1 and waiting for better tx...we will see how that goes...at stage 1 maybe you should wait till you feel a little better...i would think your not drinking if you do at all stop that ....i'm sure you'll find help here....good luck with everything...billy
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Thank you for your comment. I hope you better as well. No I never did drink I just don't like the taste of it. Maybe you could try the milk thisile. I take it and my enzymes stay low? I had a blood exposure. Again thank you
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Frog...your geno is promising...2's respond the best to treatment...and clear the virus the easiest...You have minor fibrosis and  somewhat major inflammation...Your viral load is VERY low, but that can fluctuate week to week...Keep in mind that treatment can cause further or worsen current health problems...You didn't say what your enzymes were...That will tell you how your liver is doing...Because of your current health problems, I would get them stabilized as much as possible...also, how old are you?  The purpose of treatment with interferon (or related drugs) Is to stop the damage that is currently happening to your liver...many of the symptoms you describe may be caused just by elevated liver enzymes and increased ammonia levels...I have found some really good research results and advice from folks who've "been there" In the Hepatitis section on Delphi forums...i hope this forum doesn't get upset my posting this...Best wishes...If it were my decision, I'd wait a little longer and try some liver repair things first like milk thistle, soya lecithin, and some really good supplements...Then treat when my body was in a bit better health...
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Thank you very much I am 44 years old my liver enzymes are elevated at the er did not get my last blood work in July 119 alt155? I did order milk thisle and was taking it but with all the swelling in upper lower extremeties and liver I thought may have been from the herb? I sure appreciate your concern and hope to hear from you soon. I had a test done in april of 06 and was supposed to have another one in October when my mom died so in May 31st that meant only in blood for 13 months at best but then I heard can have and the cheap test will not pick up under 200? Anyway I do have fatty liver diease since 04' but no medication prescribed.
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Thank you for responding to message I hope you are able to get better while waiting on the v190? I will pray for you. Best wishes
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