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Working in the medical field with a SVR after hep c treatment

I contracted hepatitus c, underwent 6 months of treatment, and achieved SVR. My question is, can i go to college and work in medical field? I understand once achieved svr im what my doctor is calling it, "cured", but i just want to know if its still possible to work in the medical field due to once being positive for hep c.
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Yes, you can work in the medical field with absolutely no problem.

Once you have attained SVR, you are considered cured. You cannot pass Hepatitis C to anyone because you no longer have it.

Even if you still had Hepatitis C, which you do not, you could work in the medical field. Hepatitis C is blood to blood transmission and is not easily passed from person to person unless blood is exchanged.
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From the CDC web site

Should HCV-infected health care personnel be restricted in their work?

There are no CDC recommendations to restrict a health care worker who is infected with HCV. The risk of transmission from an infected health care worker to a patient appears to be very low. All health care personnel, including those who are HCV positive, should follow strict aseptic technique and Standard Precautions, including appropriate hand hygiene, use of protective barriers, and safe injection practices.

Good luck in school
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Thank you!
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"including who are HCV Positive"

Better start contacting CDC about that statement.  We will all test positive for the rest of our life.  This statement is confusing and needs to be changes ASAP.  It makes it appear like you are not really cured at SVR.  

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"There are no CDC recommendations to restrict a health care worker who is infected with HCV"

I believe they are speaking about people who have the virus currently.

If there are no restrictions except universal precautions for currently infected I would expect none for post treatment SVR people either except of course universal precautions which all health care workers shoulf follow
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That statement is confusing to so many who don't know what we know.  It should be change due to the fact it can be referenced as fact.  "Hepatitis C
Positive" doesn't mean you have Hepatitis C.  As you know.
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Oh yeah I see what you are saying yeah.

I guess a lot of sites will need to update their wording as soon many will be hep c virus undectable but still positive for the virus.

But thank goodness that is something that needs to be done vs being chronically infected
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