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Worried about HCV transmission Please help me?

Today, I go to the ground and shake hand with a person who was infected with HCV and took 72 injection to cure HCV.
After some time I go to a public washroom on my bike and wash my hand without soap after doing urn. After that, while coming back to the ground I had an accident and fall from bike and my palms of hands are injured and there are 6 to 7 cuts which bleeds also at that time.

After coming back to home in 30 minutes. I wash my hand with water, Detol & then with Pyodine.

What are the chances of transmission in that case. Because that person may have cut or sweat on his hand. I don't see any visible cut on his hand.  I am worried please answer my question.
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Why do you think you caught hep c? The person who you shook hands with does not have hep c he was cured. He cannot give you an infection he does not have.

Even if he did have hep c it requires blood to blood contact so if he was bleeding and you were bleeding and forcibly held your hands together you might have a very small risk. But as he was cured he cannot give anyone hep c.
@flyinlynn I read that Hep C virus cannot remove Virus after in injections course. Virus will go to Dead state which can re activate at any time.

The person in my case not tested from 2 years.

And please tell me after injections course for cure if the virus is not detected then that person is spread virus or not ?
While it is true that treatment with interferon did not have a very high cure rate as it did not work for many people to cure them. However, some people (about 30%) were able to cure their hep c with interferon injections.

What you have read is not correct. The virus not dormant it is gone there is nothing to reactivate.

And as has been pointed out by several people even if he did have hep c which he does not you cannot transmit hep c with a handshake.

Hepatitis C virus is not spread by sharing eating utensils, breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, holding hands, coughing, or sneezing. It is also not spread through food or water.

But anyway he does not have hep c so zero risk.
I ask that person to find whether he is SVR or not. He tell me that he uses the injection of Rosh(Company of Switzerland). He tested not detectable PCR after 3 months of injection and also no detectable after 6 months of injection. But he is not tested after that. But I have read that SVR means if the person is tested not detectable after the 6 months of treatment. So what are the chances in that case that he is not svr.

Sorry for asking too much.
You said he was tested at 6 months he is cured he does not need any additional testing.  So what are the chances in that case that he is not svr. (Around zero) and there is no risk from a hand shake anyway.
@flyinlynn I get you that We not get hcv by shake hand etc.

He is test right after the last injection not after waiting of 6 month from last injection. mean Today he received last injection and tommorrow he is tested for pcr after that he was not tested
For example.
Today he received First injection. When completed injections of 3 months he is tested for pcr not detectetable.
Then when he received last injection on 6th month he gave sample right after the next day of last injection and again pcr is not detectable. Then again he is not tested any more in 2 years.

So what is the chances here that he is svr or not. ?

Thanks is advance for your answers. May you live long :)
So what is the chances here that he is svr or not. ?

I have no idea what his chances of maintaining SVR without having retesting at 6 months post treatment.

I do know the old treatment over all was about 30% effective.

I have a friend who was cleared by interferon and still tests negative today.

He recently retested as there are new treatments available so just incase he did have a late relapse he could be retreated with the new medicines but that was not needed for him because he is still cured decades later.

However, as to your original question it does not matter as far as your original question "What are the chances of transmission in that case." the answer is no risk.

The old treatment with interferon had several possible outcomes.

1 no response to treatment, response to treatment but the virus never reached not detectable while on treatment,

2 breakthrough where the virus became not detected on treatment but became detected again while the patient was still on treatment,

3 or not detected at EOT but found to have relapsed months after.

4 And finally not detected at EOT and continued SVR at 6 months post.

But that is between this person and their doctor as far as his need for further testing.

Your concern was are you at risk from shaking his hand the answer is no. I hope this answers your question.
If he has concerns he could get tested and make sure especially as there are new highly effective treatments now available.
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The person that has the hepatitis c would have to have an open wound and blood that entered your blood stream through an open wound.  It doesn't sound like he was bleeding. Also , if he was cured, then you have nothing to get infected with from him.
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Hi you have nothing to worry about. I don't see where this person was bleeding.  
Sorry I did not answer earlier, I could see you had good answers.  I just recieved your answer.
Take care
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Hepatitis C isn't transmitted from their hand shake to yours.  Clearly, you didn't shake a person with a huge blood injury.   It just didn't happen.  Hepatitis C isn't that easy to get.  
Sorry you had an accident and got hurt but I wouldn't spend anytime worrying about contracting Hepatits C this way....
it just doesn't happen.  

Hope this is helpful
Thanks so much
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UGH I meant I just received your message. Boy am I losing it or is it autocorrect? LOL
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Here is some information from MedHelp.org on who is most at risk for Hep C. Sounds like you're not at risk based on the opinions of those on the site, but this information may help you in the future.  http://www.medhelp.org/hepatitis-c/articles/What-Is-Hepatitis-C/2251
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