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Worried incident

To whom it may concern, foremost merry Christmas.

So I had a incident that I got bitten on the thigh by a Individual that I don't know anything about. The individual was bleeding from his mouth while he bit me. His bite penetrated into my skin but my pants weren't ripped but I did bleed from the bite.
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What's the chances of contesting hepatitis c from this incident.
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Hep c is a blood borne virus. Hep c infected blood must enter the blood stream of an uninfected person.

Hard to say if you.could have been infected in this situation. As this sounds like assault was this person perhaps arrested and could they be tested for blood borne illnesses?

But in any event if you have concerns it is a simple matter to have an antibody test to be on the safe side. You should wait a minimum of 12 weeks before having the antibody test to allow you body to create enough antibodies to ensure an accurate result.

If I were to guess I think you are likely ok but the only way to know for sure would be to have the hep c antibody test then go from there.
Yes,the person was charged with aggravated assault. Has to getting that person tested, that's in the works with the department but who knows. Just concerned about my health because I was prescribed the pep medication for hiv. no pep medication for hepatitis c since there's none. I've been tested when the incident happened for hep c, hiv and hep b which was negative.

Thank you for your respond.
Hep c is a very slowly acting virus. Even if you should ever learn your are infected only about 20% of people infected with hep c for 20 years will develop cirrhosis. For most it is a silent illness.

Hopefully this person does not have hep c. But even if they do you are not a signifigant risk. For example, in the case of a healthcare worker who experiences an accidental needlestick involving a patient with known hepatitis C the odds of them contracting hep c us only about 1.8%.

Hopefully you won’t have any health concerns from this incident. But just to add if you should ever contract hep c the new treatment are very effective with cure rates at about 98% or better for many patients. Treatment can be as simple as 1 pill a day for 8 or 12 weeks and you would be cured.

Sorry you are dealing with all this.

Happy holidays and good luck
If you had the hep c antibody test you should repeat this test in 12 weeks. This is of course assuming the person tests positive for the hep c virus. The antibody test is not very informative when done only a short period of time after a possible exposure.

There is another test called the HCV RNA by PCR test that looks for the presence of the virus itself. The HCV RNA test candetect the hepcvirus after only a few days. However, the HCVRNA test is normally only done after a positive antibody test to confirm current infection. The antibody test result usually comes back quickly and I believe it costs about $30 to perform. The HCV RNA test takes about a week to come back and I think it costs like $400 to do so that is why they usually only use it to confirm a positive antibody test.

Anyway today hep c is very easily cured for most. This was not true until 3 years ago when the first wave of the new drugs were approved.
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