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Wow ! normal ALT and AST ~ a first for me.

Since being diagnosed in 2005, my alt and ast have never both been in the normal range, not even after my transplant, when they got close.
So, here I am 7 weeks past EOT and my alt is 32, my ast is 27.
( This is the first lab I've done since EOT, was going to wait until 12 wks, but didn't )

At last, my liver is happy and healthy !
Wishing the same for everyone on the forum :)

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Congrats OH that is great news!  Keep it up and off to SVR
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Great numbers Hawk!  You are on your way to SVR!
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That is great news and very promising. I agree, you are on your way to SVR.
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that's spectaculous.....it's great to look at CBC's and not have that stinkin H or L next to the range......normal range should be in bright neon green and blink.........great news....you're on your way
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Congrats OH, that is great news and I agree with the rest you are on your way to SVR :)

Have a great day
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That is great news...your liver is loving life!  next stop SVR!
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wonderful news I sure wish  after 18/ as of tomorrow of 24 mine would be down some  .They scare me to death but my dr said wait till end of treatment UND  an jsut be thankfull for that and I am  but I want them to go down.
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I am so happy for you!!!!! This made me smile today:)
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Lovely numbers OH - Great news!

Good luck,
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Fantastic - Welcome to 'new me land'.  You will have to get to know your whole system again as one that works much better.  Great news, monumental news to your daughter!  
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Oh she' is already SVR...it just hasn't been proven yet. :)

I am so happy for you my friend, you deserve this so very very much. ♥
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I'm so happy for you !!!!! you have  made it my friend....I  just know it
at last !!!! huge hugs and love sent your way !!!
(you did it your way)  :)
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Congratulations OH! This is such great news and I'm really happy for you.
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Great News, OH.  Post transplant and post treatment.  I hope you are funning and skipping and jumping.

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OH, great news for you.  now on to SVR.  i'm so happy for you.  thanks for posting.  belle
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Yes, those are terrific NORMAL enzyme numbers. Congratulations a thousand times!
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OH, the numbers look very encouraging.  Walking together as we approach SVR, fingers, toes and anything else is crossed for you.
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Fantastic news!! And I agree...you already have SVR, you just haven't had the official word!
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I'd like to remind you that my levels didn't hit normal until after treatment.

At my 4 week lab during tx, my levels had dropped significantly to double digits from over 300 and 500.
Then they crept up a bit for the rest of tx.
Don't let the numbers make you fret while doing tx.

Thanks to all who talk of my obtaining SVR.
I too think the aliens are gone :)
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That truly is amazing, OH.  I wonder why they didn't reach normal during your tx.  We are all different.  So it must have been totally unexpected getting those results.
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Ahh, that feels SO good to see those #'s, doesn't it???
You have an amazing, and healthy liver : D
Now, onward and upward, life is expecting you, with open wings~ ~
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Great newa. Best of luck
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I am so happy for you! Your road has obviously been a long and arduous one. You deserve this - good labs - and SVR!
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