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Wow SVR 3 Years Already

I just posted to someone on the other side and realized it will be three years already on 2/2/10.  It seems impossible to believe so much time has gone by.

I just wanted to encourage people with this news. Although treatment was especially tough on me (with the extension to 72 and my needless overdosing of riba) in the end it was all worth it.  Of course yes my thyroid will never recover but I won't have end stage liver damage to deal with.  After watching someone die of this it seems a very fair trade off to me.

I remember the first year post tx when it seemed I would never get back to normal again.  Well.......yes I'm now five years older than when I was diagnosed so no I will never be the way I was before cause I'm a lot older.  But basically - through it all it's been worth it, every single bit.

Thank you to everybody that helped me along the way. The days I wanted to give up and quit that you didn't let me - telling me everything would be alright and I would get to UND someday finally - aches pains and nauseau, hair loss and skin rashes ............ if not for your help I would probably already be heading down a long road that I would not have been able to recover from.  Thank you for all of your patience and kindness I promise to try and help just as you have for me.

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Sorry thought I put this on the social side but as you know I can't move it myself now so...........hey it's about HCV anyway, well not having it anymore at least :)
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wow! how time flies. when i first found this site i remember reading the hard times you were going through. it scared the heack out of me being a newbie. i thought this is what everyone goes through when treating. to be honest i thought you were nuts at first for continuing as hard a time as you were having, paying $600 cash to jacobs, etc etc.

I stayed here because of you and the other caring and knowledgeable members from back then, jm,mrmeet, mike s,kailo,etc etc.

You helped me and many others here, and continue to do it even now.

I want to personally thank you for what help you gave me.

Take care
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Wow, three years, that's GREAT!  I also want to thank you for hanging around, even though you're done, just in order to help other folks.  That's very big-hearted of you!
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I have to concur. (That sounded like Leo Di Caprio from catch me if you can Ha! )
I lurked around before making that first introductory post.  I specifically remembered a lot of the things you said in your posts and it was those things that really encouraged me and helped me.  The brutal honesty, the experience and also the balance.
I am glad you made it through and stuck around too.
I almost spit sprayed my computer screen when I was trying to figure out if the Riba rage was part of it or just me falling apart.  I read a post by you where you called the Ribavarin "Bitchavarin".  I knew I was home :)
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Deb I think you was the first person who made a huge impression on zazza  and she told me about the forum, and I also saw what(a heart of gold girl) a great personality you are.

Allthough I know (correct me if I´m wrong) its not the end of the world your thyroid problem and a daily pill with no side effects makes it just as its not there, lets try to pray for the  issue together whats impossible for man is possible for God.

Your friend.


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so on the other side does not mean that you are posting to dead people.
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Wow, three years already! And still you're here helping others just starting out. One day, one day, we'll all be able to join you in talking 'years' post tx.

Best wishes, Pam
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"so on the other side does not mean that you are posting to dead people. "

GOOD one ! Got a chuckle out of that one..................
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Great news!

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...and after three years you still jump in and help people!
I'm continually impresssed by what you bring to this forum. Congratulations and thanks to my fellow New Yorker Deb.
I wish great things for you always!
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Wow!!!!  Congratulations to you, Deb.  You went through so much, and not all because of the meds.  Good for you for getting where you are today.

Good for you for bringing others along with you.

I was diagnosed about this very time Jan 27-ish,2008...would've missed the anniversary if not for your post. Yikes...I remember well....at first, I freaked and did all the usual stuff we do when first diagnosed.

Then I found MedHelp and saw a post or something with your name and couldn't resist(being a born in Jersey girl, myself)  Sent you a PM. Your kind, compassionate response kept me here.

If not for that, I would never have known about studies, research and so much else.  Including maybe SVR. I'd never have met these really amazing people that contributed to where I am today.

So, Deb....heartfelt thanks for all you have done..


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You are a beacon of hope for me.  There are many living legends on this post and you are one in my book.  Thanx for not forgetting what many might choose to put behind them; the ordeal, stigma, several lousey months, learning limits beyond the limits you thought you had.  Thank you for sharing what you learned instead, for sharing that caring light of yours.  This place would not have been as comforting and real with out you.  Libzo
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thank you nygirl7, eventhough i'm new to the site but i notice you have help me with my post and i am very grateful.
if i test out to be positive, i will need your advice in the treatments.
thank you again, god bless
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wow, I had no idea you were only treating a year before me....I thought you were the the ancient of days...giggles...

well, happy anniversary, and salutations, here's to all those nasty little buggers you left in the dust, may they die the death and never be resurrected!!

Gosh, I'm just glad you stuck around afterwards and have been such a rock for everyone!!

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nice one hun
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3 years, did you ever think you would be posting that?  My 2 year is at the end of March and I am going to get one more blood test.  Then I am going to forget about checking.  

You have helped so many people on here and I hope this site goes back to the way it was so you can help more.

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Always good to see these results after 3 years !!!!.
Thank you for all of your help and support.
(not ancient) just better:)

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Where did the time go?  Three years, it hardly seems possible.  I'm so thrilled for you, and for all the people who have the courage to take on this dragon and kill it, even in the face of all the fear.  The treatment is not for wimps!  You are a star, you are my hero!

Here's to years and years of virus free life.  You DID it - even though it was tough and even though it was dangerous.  BRAVA!!!

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I had no idea you guys were going to post all this stuff to me and it just made me cry. My boss now knows I really am insane, sitting here crying at my computer.

I remember when I was super sure I couldn't even do the injections so it would be impossible to do tx. Boy does that go away fast once you get over that fear!

I just really want people to know that it's not easy and you are right Una it takes courage but you CAN do it if if I could. I was the biggest baby chicken little of all when I found this site but man just knowing now the disease is gone for good.............worth every single fear.

Thank you the dead people comment really made me laugh too banarep.

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Wow, were does the time go.  I think that I was about about 6 months behind you and I figured if a skinny girl can do 72 weeks, I should have no problem.  :)  Thanks for leading the way.
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Congratulations Deb!! My time really does fly. I know you fought very hard to finish but, obviously, it was well worth the time, effort and misery.

It will be 6 years SVR for me in June and 10 years since my transplant. I never in my widest dreams thought I'd be alive today. I asked Karen and my Sisters to plant a garden outside of our kitchen in the fall of 1999 hoping that I would be alive to see the bulbs bloom in the spring. Karen always kids me about my garden now - she says I never even look at it much anymore - and she's right, I do take it for granted now.

Treatment can be hard for liver transplant recipients and the odds of success are not very good. I was determined but, most of all, I was lucky to clear - just very lucky.

Overall life has been good to me - I have been fortunate in so many ways.

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You are an incredible person!  You gave me such strength and courage when I thought I couldn't make it another day. You having experienced the thyroid and Procrit issues that I also faced helped me face my fear when the Procrit didn't help much. My last bloodwork Dec 30 my HCG was still 8.7. It was 9.4 at 2 weeks into tx and has not been that high since. I take my LAST RIBA tonight at 6 pm. I really mean this from the bottom of my heart, I COULD NOT have done this without you.
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Wow! 3yrs....That's fantastic nygirl! At this point in my tx, I can only dream of that day. I wasn't around when you were treating but in the last 8mo, even though you've never directly posted to any of my threads, I've read several of your posts and you have given me strength and encouragement. I am so thankful that you, and others who have completed tx, continue to stick around and share your experiences. I'll be looking forward to reading about more years that you've SVRd!!!
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Congratulations!!!! And many, many returns. Looks good on the returns!
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