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Been a long time coming, but Trin has SVR.....Its been a pleasure to share her journey, the highs and lows, such a much needed member of our community she agreed to help Admin the Nomads.....Just wanted to share this brilliant news, for those that remember Trin, and those starting out on Invcivo....Trin Rocks.......LOL....Px
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Thanks for that encouraging news. And congratulations to Trinity.
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Pix hello ! (ooops I almost wrote Pix Hell LOL).

There is a thread on the social side, you dont think we werent sitting here crying at our desks all this morning do you?

What encouraging news for people huh, couldn't have happened to a more wonderful and well deserving person.

Always great to see you!
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Hey I saw that post by Trinity earlier on the Hep C Nomads site. Are you Pixie from that forum? What a small world. I always wondered what happened to Trinity as she was active on here the first time I treated. Glad to see another one of us slay the dragon!
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Thanks for the update Pix.  I popped into give a congrats to her over there also.  She fought a long hard battle and so nice to see another victory.  Just popping and what a wonderful way to end the day.  
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thanks...good news!....billy
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I remember Trin. Always thought well of her and was mystified and disappointed when she seemed to vanish from this forum. So glad she found another home and most of all that she became SVR after all this time of struggle. Go Trin!
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Yeah Trin!, I am so happy our dear friend!!
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Hey stranger!
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Good news!
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Hurray for Trin ! Fabulous news.

We love her and miss her.

Thanks for posting.
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Congradulations Mary ann
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Trinity - one of the true good guys and she's also smart as a whip.

Congratulations Trin!!!!!!!!

Stay well,
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Well said Mike and spot on .

Congrats to you Trin and enjoy!!

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She certainly is that, dont think I met anyone that has a way with words like she has....LOL...Not sure if SVR has mellowed her but I wouldnt have her any other way............................................
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I didn't see this yesterday, looks like we both started
threads at the same time:) I'm glad Trin also has so
many wonderful friends on Nomads as well.

Again, congrats to our Trinity !!!!!
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That is great news. I don't know her well but I know her story and she has been through so much. Couldn't be more happy for her.
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"She certainly is that, dont think I met anyone that has a way with words like she has....LOL...Not sure if SVR has mellowed her but I wouldnt have her any other way............................................ "

Yep thats our trin, I also wouldn't want her any other way.
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Best news all day!
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Thanks everyone I am relaying the messages back to her as medhelp have banned her IP so she aint even able to read this website.....Sad really as I can`t see anyone is that much of a threat you have to stop them reading a site!!........but there you go, I know she is grateful for the messages your leaving here......PX
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