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Zepatier (elbasvir and grazoprevir)

Zepatier (elbasvir and grazoprevir) with or without ribavirin, was FDA  approved for genotype 1 & 4, yesterday. The pricing is better than the other available treatments, so that is a step in the right direction. There is a Fair Pricing Coalition meeting later today and a conference call with Merck next week. More to come regarding patient assistance and pricing.
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I am actually thinking about this one for my next treatment, whenever I decide I'm ready to treat again.
Susan- I went through the clinical trial for this drug. The SVR rate w/cirrhotics and non-cirrhotics was basically the same, over 97%. Nobody I spoke to had any side effects. 396/400 people completed the trial. I never felt a thing. Viral load dropped from >500K IU/ml to 396IU/ml in 8 days. I was UND after week 3. Completed #84 tablets in early October 2015, UND ever since.
so good to hear!! I just started taking this tonight...am a bit nervous.  Thank you  for input!
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Susan, I can't remember if you treated with harvoni. If you did, please speak to your doctor. Zepatier was not looked at for harvoni failures. The thinking is that there is resistance to NS5a drugs for people who relapsed on harvoni. Zepatier may not be a good treatment for you  unless there are other drugs added to it. We are trying to find out more about this but Merck is reluctant to discuss much because there have been no studies. If I find anything from a reliable source, I will post it here.
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I didn't do the Harvoni.  I did the Sovaldi/Peg x 12 wk.  Initially, I cleared, but on my 3 mon. post treatment blood work, I had relapsed. Susan400
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Also, Surfside girl, this was the same drugs, that I was asked to participate in a clinical trial for.  Back in the early fall, a clinical trial site that I'd previously done another trial in., contacted me and asked me if I wanted to screen for the last stage of the trial with these 2 drugs. the elb./grazop.  They were aware of my past exposure to Telaprevir and to the Sovaldi and yet, I was still going to be eligible to screen. I believe that there was a 3rd drug, too that part of the randomization was going to be including, along with, the w/or w/o Riba.  I was all prepared to do that screen, but decided to check with my regular liver doctor first. He recommended that I NOT do any more clinical trials. So, I declined to participate.  This is why I believe that I will be fine to consider this new med.  Of course, I'll have to talk to my doctor about it first and get him to prescribe it, follow me, etc.  But, that won't be until my Aug. 2016 visit, so there will be plenty of time for it to be worked out. And also, while it's on the market for a bit and more people have used it, any potential problems will be weeded out. I don't know if I'll be doing Harvoni any time soon either because they charge too much for it and I don't have enough damage for my insurance company to want to pay for it. I will not do the shipping it in from overseas either, because the cost to me out of pocket for that, is even outside of my ability to afford it.  Shelling over $500 out of pocket for any treatment if too much. If would be different if my liver was worsening, but it's not. I've had this for 33 years and still over a low stage 2.  Susan400
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I am glad to hear you did not do harvoni and relapse. You should be a great candidate for Zepatier. They seem to be quite generous in their patient assistance program with people who have private insurance. I wish you the best in your future treatment.
Accredo is being very helpful  with the co payments!
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