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Hi Everyone,
Hope you are well ,or getting well. I started Zepatier tx tonight..
was just wondering if anyone has any new experiences with this drug?
Thanks again and God bless.
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Hey therePitter! I just saw your post.  I'm sorry I don't know much about this new medication but I used the magnifying glass icon above and did a searh.
Here are the posts I found, there may be more.  I hope this can help.  I am sure others will be a long soon to help, take care, Dee

Thank you Dee , going to look at it right now...
thank you Dee, that was helpful.
Hi Pitter. I have been on Zepatier for 12 of a 16 wk plan.  No problems with the meds except a few mild headaches, which I have had for years.  Don't know why I have to take the meds for so long because my Ns5a test came back negative. Ultrasound shows no cirrhosis and vl was 411,269 at the start of tx. I did fail 8 wks of Harvoni after clearing in 3/15.      
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You're very welcome.  I wish I knew more about it.  I hope this tx will be the one for you!
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HI prayer33,
I would assume you have to take it longer bcz of the Harvoni not doing it.  I hope that this time does it for you! And for me.  I get such
a scared feeling sometimes. Actually almost every day... those pills are so large it give me an anxiety attack every day before I have to take it.  but I hope it works. We are so lucky not to have to take interferon and riba. !  God bless you !  Keep me posted on how you are doing please.   I too only have headaches, and they are mild. I have sinus headaches a lot that are worse that these.   I have an ultrasound coming up soon. My blood work didn't show
any cirrhosis. my viral load was really high, but  then went down b4 I started the Zepatier.  I have been on it for 12 days so far. !2 weeks seems so long, but I know once it is doe it will seem like nothing!  hopefully we both get cured!!!
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Here is some information from MedHelp.org on managing side effects of various Hep C treatments. Hope it helps you!
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