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abdominal pain

My husband is in the  23rd  week of treatment. He is now having severe lower abdominal pain.Had cat scan which showed nothing wrong. Is anyone having this type of pain? His APN felt it  was not due to meds.
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'severe lower abdominal pain'?

Exactly where is it located?
-Above, below the belly button?
-middle, left or right side, back side?

What type of pain?
-Constant, intermittent, comes in waves?
-Is there any time it is worse?

What is the pain like?
-Sharp, stabbing, dull, cramping, burning, throbbing, radiating?

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His pain is below belly button. It comes in waves and is burning, sharp and dull at different times. He also says it radiates out on both sides. He is on a clear liquid diet at this point and really not much of an appetite.
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What does the dr say? Why clear liquids? I had a lot of nausea, but not so much pain. I'm so sorry he's having to go thru this.. Karen:)
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Is he seeing a primary care doctor or a gastroenterologist or an APN for his pain?
Who decided to put him on a liquid diet?
What was the diagnosis?
A liquid diet would indicate the doctor thinks your husband has a problem with his bowels. Is your husband urinating and defecating normally?

'It comes in waves and is burning, sharp and dull at different times. He also says it radiates out on both sides'.
When you say 'severe', on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worse pain your husband has ever felt, what number would he say the pain is when it is at its worse?

The most common cause of this type of pain that comes in waves is kidney stones. Although the stone will usually but not 100% of the time show up on a CT scan.

Kidney stones - small hard deposits that look like stones may be passed from the kidney down to the urinary tract. The pain may start as a severe pain in the side, back, and below the ribs, which may spread to the lower abdomen and groin. The pain comes in waves and fluctuates in intensity, and may be associated with nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills if an infection is present. Other common symptoms include pain during urination, persistent urge to urinate, and frequent urination. You may also notice pink, red, brown, or cloudy and foul-smelling urine.

I am not a doctor and only a doctor can help your husband. Having any abdominal pain can be very dangerous, some condition life threatening. If the pain gets bad again or your husband develops a temperature before Monday, take him to the ER ASAP (!) otherwise he should get an appointment on Monday with his Primary Care Physician. Tell them it is an emergency and that he has to see the doctor that day because the pain is so bad. Don't take no for an answer. If they won't see him for whatever reason I would go to the ER. Better safe then sorry.

Good luck to you and your husband.

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