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alinia, rifaximin, and ribavirin timing

I am about to embark on my retreatment journey at the end of  this week, and am wondering about the timing of meds.  For those of you whom are taking alinia, how do you time your dosage in relation to the riba.  Also, I take xifaxin and lactulose.  Do you think that the dosing schedule for those has any affect on the outcome/sx?

All these meds...  Gonna be harder to keep track of everything this time around.

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I don't know the answer to your questions, but I'm commenting to move it up so that somebody who does know the answer will see this.

Good Luck!
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Are you geno 4 ?  What does it say on the Alinia dosing instructions ? If you take Riba say, 8 in the AM, and 8 in the PM, I would take Alinia mid-day at say 1 or 2 in the PM.  I believe due to absorption issues..  Cory.  

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I took Alinia with riba twice a day with some food that contains fat.  I found it easier to remember the doses and it worked because I cleared.  Good luck and here's hoping you do the same!

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Diane_---  Thanks for the bump.  It seems that it helped.

Cory -- I'm genotype 1a.  I am approaching treatment in this way because it may increase my odds, and I am unsure if I can wait for PI release 6/11 or later before I decompensate.  The alinia recommendation is to take it with food for better absorbtion. Thank you for taking the time to reply

Kittyface--Thanks for sharing your experience. What genotype were you?  I think that I will start off with your approach, as it makes compliance easier and both tela and alinia benefit from food/fat for absorption. Also, they both need to be taken twice daily at a set time.  Now, for all the other meds that I have been prescribed to keep me going during my travels with HCV,  I'm thinking of using a blender to make AM/PM  smoothies.
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I am (was?) the same geno as you and had two conditions that contraindicated SVR: diabetes and a high viral load (80 million).  I was UND by week 6 and couldn't get out of bed for a year.  You might say I really responded to the meds and that's a good thing.  So if you get sick welcome it with open arms and know that every day that passes you are one day closer to your goal.  Safe journey!
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One other very experienced member Gauf, I believe won his horse race with the addition of various supplements.  You may want to consult his expertise as well.  
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Kittyface____  That is so encouraging (well,except the year in bed)... Was that with predosing alinia and riba? Do you remember the timeline of adding the riba and the peg?.

I really appreciate you sharing the wisdom of your journey. Thank you.   Be well.

Cory___   I've read some of Gauf's posts in the past.  He/She is a warrier.  I don't remember most of it, only that he relied on data from HR, a bright MD who used to stop by.  I'll have to.. dig it out sometime.  Thank you for the info
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I hope you're right about HR.  I also heard he's a geneticist, began Labcorp, and invented the NGI-PCR machines.  He's seems to be very accuate with data with what I've seen..

Take a look at Gauf's journal/and or profile.  He has sixteen pages or so of useful information..  

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