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almost 3 hours since first injection...

well I injected for my first time am feeling ok just a little achey and tired. I am drinking lots of water as you all have advised. and relaxing in my bed with my baby.. so far so good ill keep you posted....
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thats great !  It must have been tough , needles dont always agree with people .  I commend you for taking the first step {shot} . I was waiting for a big sickness to envolope me ,It takes me till the next morning ,to feel anything . Its not as bad as some people think .  now your in the real fight . no looking back ,okay ? only forward  !    good luck          bob
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keep us posted. Remember I'm right behind you!
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that is good to hear and est do not think about it and keep a positive frame of mind and tell yourself you are  going to be one of those 10% with no sides and form an image in your mind of what you are fighting and keep this image always with you to protect yourself.
3 hours down and no warm flushes or flu like symptoms means a real good start....
keep your chin up and if and when needed contact us as we are all here for you.
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I never reacted to the shot at all, but I think it takes about 3 hrs. for a reaction to really get started.  A good plan is to take the shot shortly before bedtime, since a minor reaction like a little acheing and fever can be slept through.

Your shot day of the week needs to stay the same so you can keep the dosing evenly spaced.  Peg interferon lasts exactly 7 days and levels will start to drop the 8th day without the next shot.  People who work usually choose Friday, so they can get over any shot reaction by Monday morning.

You are lucky to be home with a baby.  Also lucky that it's not a toddler!
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Everyone had advised me to drink lots of water when i was experiencing pain, headaches etc. Water was the key. All my side effects have decreased dramaticaly. Good luck and drink lots and lots of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amberryan
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If you drink lots of water,i would advice its not straight from the tap.
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I do my shot on Wednesday....it hit's me hardest by Saturday.

Congratulations on getting started. I wish you the best and light sx =)

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Good luck to ya...I am right behind you...starting tomorrow AM
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I do my Pegasys on Sun night I feel fine on Monday...
I do Procrit and Neupogen on Monday night and feel like crud on Tues & Wed.I always found that odd cuz the rescure drugs are to help me feel better.

Isobella I had no idea that the peg could have sides so long after taking it...I am learning all the time....

Good Luck 7summer7 and Isaldy.... Get'er done...
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I know....my sides are light so it took me a while to catch on to the fact that I sleep all Saturday afternoon and pretty much Sunday, too.  Thursday I'm ok.....start running out of gas after work friday......by Monday, I'm good to go.

Defo drink lots of water...it helps.
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I took my first injection March 13, 2009.   I didn't get side effects until 3 weeks into it and it wasnt that bad.  A little nausea after eating (it's gone now), although I'm just plain old tired.  But considering what ran through my mind when I read about all the possible side effects that "could" happen, it's a piece of cake for me. I take the shot Thursday night before bed and felt better by Tuesday at first.  Now the side effects have subsided and I'm just tired all the time.  Not everyone reacts the same to these drugs.  Unfortunately, some don't handle them well.  I am lucky. Just keep a positive attitude and laugh.  Work through any side effects you might have and keep living and moving.    And also, I got back the results of the first viral load blood check and the Hep C was not detectible.  I have Genotype 1 and am very happy about this and feel very optimistic for a good outcome.  Take care and good luck.  I'll be thinking about you.  Wilma1957
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If you start feeling fever or chills, it will pass. Put on a good movie to distract you, and have some ice cream. The first day is usually the toughest for most, but not for all. You may luck out and have few side effects. May the power of healing be with you...

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I had a big fat zip, nothing, on my first shot.  All that stress and worry, and nadda.  Now later, I felt like poop, but it was just general fatigue.  Hope yours was a big nothing too.
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Well survived first shot.....it kicked the S**T outta me but all in the greater good I hope!!!!! Hope you are well

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