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I have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks.  My husband has Hep C that has gone untreated since 1988.  We found out in May that he is stage 4 cirrohosis.  He is a geno type 2.  The doctor did a liver bx May 18 and said we need to start tx right away.  Last night was our 6th shot.  Last week he had to have 4 units of blood because of a 4.3 Hgb and then today we get a call and say we need to report to the hospital to get more blood, most likely another 4 units because the Hgb is 6.3.  He did not want to go to the hosptial today but have scheduled to go next Monday.  I am very worried about him.  He is on rx for amonia and his stomach is enlarged.  He is taking Rx for the swelling.  He seems to want to sleep most of the time.  All I do is worry.  I just want him to get better.  I am afraid they might stop the tx and we both don't won't to stop.  Do people have this kind of problem with Hgb going this low.  He started out with a low Hgb of 8.9 to begin with.  I know he is very sick but the doctor says he thinks he will be able to help him.  If anyone has any feedback I would appreciate it.  I have learned so much just reading what everyone says.



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I just answered your other post - others will also. Hang tight - I know you're probably totally freaking out and have really no where else to go...

But most everyone here takes their shots on Friday --- so a lot are already out for the count. And will be back up in the next couple of days.

Some will be back online after a short cat nap.

But most are probably already asleep.

Hang in there - ok?

And if you EVER think things are bad enough to call a doc - or go to the ER - don't wait for anyone on a forum to tell you that --- Go. OK?


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Sorry, I posted twice.  I am new to posting on a forum.  I thought I should actually put a topic and not just my name.  

Thank you, I do need support.  

I guess we are differnet because we started the shot on Thursday night.  John is not working at the present.  He has  type A personality.  We got the rx on a Thursday and he was ready to start immediately!
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You're doing just fine --- I posted a kind of help thing about forums... but I'll repost it here for you ...

Forums can get really confusing at first. But you get used to them very quickly. I promise.

Super hugs - and no problems at all - ok? I'm type A - and can completely identify - LOL!
You're doing fine.

Think of each thread as a "THREAD TOPIC" or CONVERSATION that everyone can join in.

For example:

Joe: because you roll over.
Mary: Because you are reaching for a glass of water
Jane: Because your predispositioned to klutziness.

Joe: Well you build your muscles up first.
Mary: Uhm I don't know, haven't tried it before.
Jane: Hey babe, I'm available.

Now - each thread topic or conversation has a line of posts in it usually related to the topic... But each poster's opinions or thoughts.

So the THREAD TOPIC is like the Title of the Book.

Where as the individual posts are like the conversation about That book.

Most people only read threads that have a topic on it that they are interested in.

If you want to "BUMP" up a post topic - you can post in it - and it will bring the post higher and higher to the top.

Try not to start multiple thread POSTS of the Same Topic. Because you'll end up  all scattered.

AND -- most important --- Try not to start a new conversation thread topic inside an already happening topic.

Because most people will have read, answered and moved on --- and they won't see your post --- which MIGHT be VERY important. You know?

So this is a nonononononononono:
Joe: because you roll over.
Mary: Because you are reaching for a glass of water
Jane: Because your predispositioned to klutziness.
Nick: I used to fall out of bed. I broke my toe yesterday, I think, so it is kind of purple do you think I should go see a doctor?

Why is NICK'S Question a No-No?

Because there is a good chance Nick's question will NEVER get answered.

And he may be sitting there hoping for an answer --- but Jane, Mary and Joe have already commented, left the "THREAD TOPIC" and have moved on. They might not go back.

The threads move up as each person posts inside them.

You can go through the pages of the topics - and read the conversations --- posting inside the THREAD TOPICS --- and maybe adding your own comments in the conversations.

I don't know if this is helpful - but I hope it kind of explained how a forum works.

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you know, I'd go to janis and friends website...they have a lot on cirrhosis, etc...that you can read up on...it has plenty of literature to go through...


hugs to you and yours in your hour of need...never give up hope, people can pull through the most daunting of challenges...
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Jklouisiana-I have so many questions, hope you don't mind. What meds is your husband on, (peg-intron or pegasys) and how much ribavirin is he taking?
What kind of dr is treating him, gastro, hepatologist? Has he ever been txed for ascites or varices? I'm not a dr, but with Hgb that low to start with, it sounds as if he's got some kind of bleeding going on inside. I don't blame you for being scared and worried. The amonia build up can make him confused forgetful, less able to think clearly. You have to rely on your instincts right now, and not his.
I just hope you have a good dr that knows what he's doing. Have you asked him why he started him on tx with Hgb so low to begin with?
JK, if his Hgb is dropping you may need to get him in earlier than Monday. I know you don't want to stop tx, but he doesn't sound like he's medically stable right now. I know we have several members who had transfusions, hopefully they will answer some of your questions. Also, we have a member who had cirrohsis and just ended 32 weeks of tx Thursday. They adjusted her meds due to her low wbc.
Good luck, hang in there. It's so hard to watch someone you love go through such a hard time.
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He is on peg-intron and has been dropped down to 3 ribs instead of the five he was taking.  The dr is a certified heptaologist.   We had a endoscope done of the esophogus when we did the bx and he saw no bleeding.  No scoping of the stomach was done. Scan and ultra sound showed no tumors.  Alot of the problem was my husband treated himself for a long time.  He did not realize it was his liver.  John is a nurse anestheist.  He had been having nose bleeds and everytime he cut himself he would bleed for a long time.  All the signs were there that it was his liver but he just did not think about it.  I think the big problem with this doctor is he tested him and then went out of town for two weeks living instructions with his office about rx but should have worked on the hgb.  My husband asked him point blank about the low hgb and never got an answer.  All my research so far  is looking like he is showing end stage liver failure.  He is a fighter and I am sticking with him all the way.  Glad I found this sight for the support and the knowledge that everyone seems to have.
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