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Hallo dear forum brothers and sisters,
I am 3 month post treatment, from 48 weeks, Interferon- Riba. Some days I feel fine some not. I worry a little; I had bad anemia during 48 weeks. De doctor did not treat it so I went throght 48 weeks most of the time lying in bed. OK, I am still alive. I have to chek on virus this month, by the way.
The question
Can anemia cause permanent damage? Can I still expect problems which are developed later, after the Pega-Riba treatment?
Regards to everybody
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Hi congratulations on finishing tx, I assume you were UND at 48 weeks   Your body is probably trying to normalize from the tx.  I know mine did.  It takes time however the anemia should correct it self as you eat healthy and recover from the tx.  My doctor told me that it would take about 6 months, and if you read the drug inserts it suggests women not get pregnant within the first 6 months so it makes sense that it takes time for the body to recover from the tx.  If you could take a walk, it would help as well, nothing huge to start with just a small walk or even in your home.  On days it is too hot here I just walk all over my home for a half hour to an hour, anything to get me moving
Good luck to you
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What occurs in some doing HCV therapy is drug induced "hemolytic anemia"  caused both by the Interferon and Ribaniron.

The Riba destroys the oxygen carrying "red blood cell" before its maturity and the Interferon suppress the bone marrow from reproducing these cells fast enough to keep up,so a it of a double whammy ....hence the anemia.

When the medications so is this destructive process..

Keep in mind the Ribavirin has a very long half -life and stays in the body for some time after ceasing ingestion  and may still somewhat destroy thees red cells ,however as the weeks go on your your Red cells should replenish and HGB come up to normal levels..

This can actually take a few months sometimes for some ,so be patient.

Best to you and good luck on your 12 week PCR(an UND. on this is highly predictive of overall success).

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Hi Dee
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When the medications so is this destructive process..

should read

"when the medications  cease ,so does this process"
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my anemia was bad during tx...i'm about 8 months post tx and much better then at 3 months post.....give it a year,,,your most likely way out of shape....it can take time...make sure to drink lots of water post tx....billy
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Hey there Will, nice to "see" you., you too Billy
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