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anti depressants

I have been reading through the forum and have been noticing alot of people suggest getting AD when on treatment, I have been on welbutrin since March to quit smoking which I have. My question is I will start treatment in July is welbutrin ok to take with the treatments? Or do I need a new AD? I dont think I want to try treatment without one, I mean most times I am ok in mood I do have the depressed days too though, and I have read that Treatment can cause depression. Would kind of like to be prepared ahead of time, so is welbutrin ok to take.
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I've been on Welbutrin for over five years and it is approved for the study trial that I am in.  You should talk to your dr to determine if it is effective as an AD for you.  Different AD's affect different brain chemicals and welbutrin may not be the one for you for depression.  It's been pretty effective for me.
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thank you for your answer I appreciate your feedback! I think I am doing ok on Welbutrin I just wanted to make sure if someone was on it and doing treatment. It seems funny to me that I have also read that people taking their treatment shots take tylenol to help with any symptoms, funny because it can damage the liver :) but is recommended, I don't take it because it has never worked for me. Did ask Doc if I could take aleve and he said it would be fine. Anyway thank you for answering my question
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I agree about the Tylenol - I'm told not to take it by my doc and take ibuprofen instead.   She says Alleve is okay too.  Go figure.
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Hi, the reason Tylenol is not recommended is because tylenol is in a lot of other things, nyquil for 1, I was told Tylenol in recommeded doses is fine, but ibuprofen is preferred for the above reason.
also I have been taking AD's since diagnosed 2 years ago and it was recommended to double my dose for treatment.  There are so many factors associated with the treatment meds in other words  the AD's can help get us through.
good luck,
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Thanks for answering my question I may ask about increasing my dose of welbutrin if I start to have problems, I hope that I don't. I just want to get started and get done. How was your treatment? Are you done since it has been two years? I hope so!
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No. You can take Tylenol but not Ibuprofen when you have HCV
I know it sounds opposite (and is), but it has something to do with Ibuprofen being an NISAID or something spelled like that.
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thank you for your answer I appreciate your feedback! I think I am doing ok on Welbutrin I just wanted to make sure if someone was on it and doing treatment. It seems funny to me that I have also read that people taking their treatment shots take tylenol to help with any symptoms, funny because it can damage the liver :) but is recommended, I don't take it because it has never worked for me. Did ask Doc if I could take aleve and he said it would be fine. Anyway thank you for answering my question
Persons who have a history of depression are advised to take an anti-depressant before starting HCV treatment because the treatment meds can cause a depressive episode in about a third of patients.

Secondly. This question of what analgesic is safe has come up many times on this forum and for whatever reason persons are always giving different advice. What analgesic can be taken depends of the extent of your liver disease. Of course all medicine need to be taking in the proper dose. Tylenol can be dangerous if too much is taken. It is an additive in many medicines so people may not be aware how much they are taking. Most people do not have advance fibrosis or cirrhosis therefore you can take which ever you choose just like anyone else. If you have cirrhosis, that is a different matter. Cirrhotics should only take Tylenol and sometimes in reduced doses (<2000 mg) depending on the extent of cirrhosis. Patients with cirrhosis people should avoid using all NSAIDs.  People with decompensated cirrhosis are at increased risk kidney damage stemming from the use of NSAIDs. people with ascites may not respond to treatment with diuretics while taking NSAIDs, as they counteract their actions. People with liver disease who have had internal bleeding from  varices are more prone to bleed.

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Thanks for your thorough explanation about the analgesics.  I did wonder why my doc allowed Ibu and other people are told the opposite. I know that the Ibuprofen is right for me but for others it depends on their condition.

As for the depression, what I was saying to screaming48 was that while Wellbutrin may
have been effective for her to stop smoking, it may not be the right med for her depression.  Wellbutrin has a chemical structure that is different than other AD's such as Paxil or Zoloft that target seratonin.  Wellbutrin is often effective for people with a history of substance abuse and targets dopamine. Sometimes it takes several tries before you find the right AD or combo of AD's to successfully treat your depression.  I am happy to say that 8 weeks into my trial, the Wellbutrin still seems to be fairly effective for me and my depression has not worsened with tx.  Of course, life isn't all rainbows and Unicorns but if it was, I guess we would be talking about anti-psychotics for me rather than anti-depressants.
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thanks all I thank everyone for the info, I might ask my GP about the welbutrin or trying something else
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"life isn't all rainbows and Unicorns..." So true!!! Thanks for the AM laugh. I needed that.

If you should feel depressed at any point your doctor could increase your current dosage to see if that worked or you would have to clean out the old med and try a new one and then wait possibly a considerable amount of time for it to start working. As you said what works in one person doesn't mean it will work in another. We are all individuals. The only thing that works for me is MAOIs if you can believe that. I've tried at least a dozen of the new fangled meds but to no affect. I use a patch now which is suppose to put less stress on my decompensated liver.

Anyway it sounds like you still have a grip on reality...
Good luck to you!!!
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I finished my tx 2 months ago...did 48 weeks. At first I used Ibuprofen... OK'd by my doc. About 6 months in, the body pain increased to the point that I needed it 2 to 3 times a day and I was starting to notice some stomach issues that seemed directly related to the Ibuprofen, so my doctor gave me a script for Ultram to take twice a day and warned me not to take the Ibuprofen more than once a day. The Ultram didn't work very well though so when things got really bad he prescribed the stuff that House is addicted to... can't remember the name... one of the remaining sides... bad memory. Anyhow that worked really well so I Googled it and found out it was chemically a combination of Ultram and Tylenol. It would have been good to be told that because as stated above, that is the danger of Tylenol, people don't know how many things it is added to... learn to read labels!!!!! ANYHOW.... when that prescription ran out, my doctor wouldn't refill it... don't know why because I still had 3 months of tx to go, but he would give me the Ultram so I started taking Tylenol with my Ultram and it worked just fine, and I didn't have any stomach issues. NSAIDDs can cause bad stomach bleeding and also kidney problems so be careful to only take them with food in your stomach and with a full glass of water, and only as directed.

As far as ADs go, I'm on Effexor XR and had to double my dose about 4 months in, am still taking them and will continue till my post tx effects start to let up, because right now I'm on an emotional see-saw... some days good and others where I don't want to see another human.

Basically, tell your doctor everything you are feeling. There are no hard, fast rules about what you should feel, and since we feel yucky for such a long time, we need all the help we can get to make it to the finish line and kill this demon that has invaded our bodies. The price is high, yes, but success at the end will make it worth it.

Hang in there,
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Thank you Diane for the info, my mom is on Effexor. I have been on Welbutrin since March, when I was in my thirties I was on Paxil hated that stuff couldn't remember how I got from point A to B when driving, took it about a year then weaned myself off, I hadn't thought I was depressed but took one heck of a shock when I found out I had hep c.. I couldn't breath, was hyperventilating and basically running around like a chicken with my head cut off, dropped 12 lbs since March without trying and that scared me as well. Geez now I am worried about tx but know I will do the best I can! Just want to start and get done
I am glad that your Doc doubled your AD I hope mine will if I need it. When you have problems with the tx do you go to your primary care doc or to the liver Doc. Was wondering who to call if any problems. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that all goes well for you.
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