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any suggestions on what i should be eating??

i have been trying to eat healthy and wondered if the "organic" which still has chemicals in it is the right way. would preservatives be causing my rash to flare up? i thought it was from the one med, but to no suprise its flaring up again. it seems to come and go. my fatigue level has been really bad as of late and i hate to go out looking all rashy,bruises,and losing my hair...i find myself becoming more and more of a recluse and hate it. any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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i found that hot fudge sundays from dairy queen were the best. my depression stopped for the 10 min. it took to eat one and i overcame my fatigue long enough to get off the couch to get one.

no on the rash,we all got it for some time.
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You didnt say much about what tx your on or geno type or liver status, but as this is my second go around with pegasys and a few Doc's I'll say this till I know more about you. Stay away from red meat as much as possible, shell fish (crabs, crawfish,lobster ect.) stay away from fish with scales, catfish and tuna ect is ok. reduce protiens in your diet, drink a lot of fluids, caffine is fine coffee coke ect. and actually may do you good. Other than that till I know a little more, its a start, good luck.
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Organic is good for everyone.  It may not stop the conditions that you are experiencing because they sound like what has been caused by tx.  In the log run eating healthy is going to be my way of life from now on.  I am a pop addict.  I am wrestling with stopping my Diet Coke habit of 2 or 3 a day.  I like water but after awhile it is boring.  I hate the flavored waters out there.  I do like a squeeze of fresg lemon or lime it it though.  Usually have it when we are out. Coffee and tea are okay but not a favorite of mine.  Maybe its the caffene that the coke has that I like...it probably gives me the lift I need to keep active.   Anyway sorry I can't be much more help.  
Nuts, Whole grains, Frest wild fish (salmon is an example), broccoli and other vegies and of course fruit are good for everyone.    Keep off the white stuff (rice, bread and potatoes.  Good luch girl and hang in there.
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before you go spending tons of money on organic foods, research the origin and the manufacturer, many that claim to be organic, are not, and the standards set by the government are not as specific and well followed by unscrupulous people trying to make more money from you.
'cage free' hens are not in some cases, and just recently I got an email on sponsoring a bill to make organic what it was truly meant to be. Research! not all that glitters is gold. Do your own homework. If you go out to eat, and are a vegetarian, ask if the fries are cooked in the same vegetable oil with meat products, are the eggs cooked next to the bacon, is that vegetarian sushi prepared with the same gloves she used to prepare the one with meat?  You have to be vigilant and don't rely on the label only. There are websites that serve as 'watchdogs' for some of these claims.

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Shelly i just wanted you to know that when you look at your poster name i swear it looks like strangshelly especially with those of us who need bifocals or have stigmatism, i know you prolly wonder why they do that but its not to be rude thats what they really see i know when i first posted to you i wrote strangshelly, it wasnt till i saw you post to jmjm that it was stang as in mustange,so please forgive all of us eye impaired people......

shelly drink drink drink i mix juice with water or teas with water , what i drink now i always drink with water, as far as hair mine just now slowed down about 3 weeks ago ive lost about 60% of my hair or more and im on shot 36/48, i know its hard at first to see it fall but just remember it will grow back ...
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you missed the point, rocky! is not the money spent, but spending the money on the real deal. it is not getting yipped.  paying more for a label that does not represent or does justice to the contents.  I am willing to spend extra, but want to make sure it is real.
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