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any tricks for getting rid of corner of the mouth sores?

I've been getting sores right in the corner of my mouth, where my lips meet. Though the cream I use for canker sores was getting rid of them, this week, it's not working.
The sore is related to tx, not a big deal, but annoying.
Any suggestions ?

( Tonight is shot 23 of 24~ almost through)
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Nystatin ointment USP works well for me, it is rx only though
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Have you tried chapstick, a good lip balm, a dab of vasoline, a drop of vitamin e oil?  I've seen some suggest Vagisil cream.  

Getting so close OH,  the finish line is almost in sight.  ;-)
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Monostat contains nystatin and is available OTC.

Congrats, nice to have the finish line in sight.
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Congrats! Woohoo! I use monstat. Mine got icky n I've dabbed it on for a few months now when needed. I keep it in my purse.Karen :)
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I used chapstick.Good to have you near the end of tx.
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I had fever blisters, cold sores, canker sores et al, my whole life.I'd have an outbreak every three to six months. Funny thing, That all stopped in 2008 when I did SOC Tx. Not really sure why, maybe SOC bolster my immune system enough to knock that one out of me. Failed the treatment but at least something good came out of it. Hope ya feel better.

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There is still an old product on the market called Camphophenic.  This stuff is a miracle worker.  Great on canker sores which I use to get all the time.  (pretty picture huh)?!  lol

Good luck to you and hope you are feeling better!

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Thanks everyone.
I've had canker sores before but never this fever blistery thing in the corner of my mouth until a few weeks ago. Most weeks I've gotten rid of it but this time, it's stubborn. I tried Vit E, my wonderful lip balm, and my triple antibiotic ointment, zilch.

I'm thinking about trying a drop of tea tree oil?
What've I got to lose other than my lips?
If that doesn't do it, I'm off to Walgreens.

Fl: Almost done, you too !
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I Was told that these sores are called angular cheilitis and the best thing for it is an anti fungal cream. I have it too.
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i had that all through tx and finally for the last two weeks its been fine ..but thats over 3 months post..you can still see the scared area on either side of my mouth...but its kind of not very noticeable ...thats the only place on my face that sh** happened..also inside my mouth was really sore...good luck..billy
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OH, i've used tinactin.  it's an antifungal cream.  it really works.  good luck.  belle
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Look, thanks for giving it a name, I'll do a search.

And Belle, thanks for the suggestion, I'll look for it tomorrow.

Now on to my shot, and two brownies, my treat for shot night :)
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