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appetite during treatment

I am already underweight with a bad appetite.  I hope to start treatment in the next week or so- I was going to talk to the HR dept about the situation today but was waiting on a callback from the Dr, and they never called, so now I get to agonise about that for a while longer.
Anyway, I can foresee even less of an appetite than I have now.  I attribute my poor appetite now to depression, and lack of exercise, chronic back problems, long hours sitting at a desk.  
I need to try to address the depression with meds, no problem, and maybe that will help me get more active which will help the appetite, but I'm wondering if anyone else has or had a lot of difficulty with their appetite.  I really cannot stand to lose even 10 pounds- that is not gong to be good.
Thanks for any replies,
I'm glad to have found this site, and wish you all the best.
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hi mark,

i was underweight with poor appetite before treatment also.
when i started treatment the nausea made it even more worse,but ginger tea and zofran help me alot not to loosing to much weight.
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I had to gain weight before tx and it took about a month before I started noticing a difference. And I ate lots of fatty stuff!

If you don't think it will effect your mental state, cannabis will both relieve some of your back pain and give you an appetite.
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What tx are you going to do?   If you are doing incivek and sixty grams of fat, this would be a good choice for you.  I am doing victrilis with some food but not all the fat and I have gained weight.  Your question is a good one for your doctor. Keep at the HR dept.
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i had no appetite so my doctor said i could use medical marijuana.  it really helped me.  it also helps with pain.  lots of luck to you.  remember to drink LOTS of water.  it helps a lot.  belle
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Thanks so much for everyone's help.  I will be a frequent flyer here I am sure.
Regarding the MM, I read an article (several yrs ago) from some medical outfit, and as I recall, they stated that the MM improved the rate of therapy completion- it helped people tolerate the Tx and complete the treatment.
In any case, it isn't available (or legal) here in Maryland.  But if push comes to shove I could probably obtain a lid.  (does that date me?  hahaha)
Seriously, is this (medical marijuana) something that is accepted to treat appetite, nausea and anxiety?  My dr hasn't mentioned it so far.  
And I am sure I'll need the anti-nausea meds- I get queasy easily.
Best wishes to everybody and thanks again for the support-
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Seriously,my doc didn't prescribe it but when I asked said, "use in moderation."
Some people here have said their docs recommending  it.

However, some varieties make some people more anxious.
Where I live you can go to a dispensary and tell them what you want the herb to do and they'll recommend a strain.

I just did a google search and here's the first thing to come up:

  Medical Marijuana as Nausea Medication

Nausea and vomiting, whether due to chemotherapy, AIDS treatment, abdominal surgery, or another cause, can be effectively remedied through the use of medical marijuana. Clinical trials and patients' experiences indicate that smoking medical marijuana can both relieve nausea and stimulate the appetites of patients with nausea, reducing the risk of unhealthy weight loss in patients with conditions like cancer and AIDS.
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