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availability of generic ribavirin affecting insurance co-pay

I called my pharmacy to have my monthly meds refilled this week and was told that my Copegus co-pay went up $250.00. Ouch. A couple days and a dozen calls later I found out that a generic ribavirin named Ribasphere from Par/3Rivers was approved for distribution and delivery starting on 12/5/05. This event, along with the nature of my pharmacy coverage which caps costs of brand name drugs when there is NO generic, led to some anxious moments. The pharmacy ran the new generic and the old, lower co-pay appeared. After clearing the change with my doc, the order went through. I don't know if I like switching brands, though costs dictate that I have to. I know they have to be essentially identical to the original. I hope this helps someone here avoid the confusion I encountered.

Has anyone heard anything about the new riba? There apparently is another generic ribavirin from Tiva made in Israel that was approved on the same day. Also, I heard that Ribasphere will soon be available in 200, 400 and 600 mg caps, though my pharmacy said that only the 200s are available now. Fewer pills sounds good to me!     - Lee
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My rx service changed also, what a PITA. So far I've been so happy with all my coverages. I've already recieved letters about the new changes and already find them annoying. I have to mail order all specialty meds, I was getting my pegasys and copegus from my local pharmacy. Today I recieved Ribasphere by FedEx today, and I was bothered by switching also.    Peace
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i have been on ribasphere for 6 months now, 21 weeks to be exact. medicaid only covered the generic so that's why i got it. i haven't heard anything about it barely coming out this month, like i mentioned, i have been on it a while. i receive the 200mg capsules and i take 5 a day. as far as i know, it is the samething thing as ribavirin. i don't think the switch will be too much of a problem. lol
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Oh there's lot's of names. But mostly I try to keep it safe and just call them retirees. Some of the other names seem to **** some of them off.
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Soooooo, Goof, you do not consider yourself in the geriatric pool, eh?  Maybe never even received your AARP letter, eh?  Pity.  But don't worry, you'll be there soon. ha ha ha...
me - I just celebrated a half-life of 58.  I''m not too touchy about the name calling (yet).

On the generic - hum - makes me wonder.  My prescription plan with BC/BS has a copay of $30 for a generic and $45 for a name brand if there is a generic available.  Sooo - wonder if my Copeg will bump up to $45 now.

Fresno - what is happening with your meds?  Didn't you post ahile ago that New Mexico medicaid was going to stop paying for them?  Did you find an alternative source?
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hey oldtimer!!!!--soon enuff you'll be GOFFYGRAMPA-the alternative to growing older is not a good one-lol!!!!!!! i'll be 50 in feb. wow such a milestone,can't hardly wait to be a virus-free mature man.Watch out World!!!!!
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I pay $7.50 for the Rebetol.  $7.50 for the Peg-Int., Epogen and Ambien and Paxill.

Oddly the make me pay $20 for the syringes...insurance doesn't cover them and how else are you supposed to get the Epogen in?

That makes me laugh at how absurd it all really is.
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