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bilirubin of my father stays 0n 18 from last three reports

my father first report
bilirubin 10.1
sgpt 4000

second report in 5 days
bilirubin 18.1
sgpt 3500

third report in 5 days
bilirubin 14
sgpt 2500

fourth report in 5 days
bilirubin 18.53
sgpt 129

fifthreport in 5 days
bilirubin 18.63
sgpt 106

third report in 3 days
bilirubin 18.83
sgpt 89

tommorow after six days next report will come... what to do... pls help..
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IN last week wedness day report bilrubin was 16.73, and sgpt is 87 ... before taking the action am i am waitin for next report on wednessday....
thank u hector for ur quick response....pls pls update....and tell me if i am wrong....
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What does the doctor say is the problem?
What is the doctor doing about the problem?

If you can see a hepatologist that specializes in liver disease they will be about to help your father most. They can be found at the largest medical hospitals in India in the largest cities.

ALT (SPGT) levels often rise to several thousand units per liter in patients with acute viral hepatitis. The highest ALT levels—often more than 10,000 U per L—are usually found in patients with acute toxic injury subsequent to, for example, acetaminophen overdose or acute ischemic insult to the liver. AST and ALT levels usually fall rapidly after an acute insult.


Intrahepatic Causes of Conjugated Hyperbilirubinemia
(Liver causes of high bilrubin)

Hepatocellular disease
Viral infections (hepatitis A, B, and C)
Chronic alcohol use
Autoimmune disorders
Dubin-Johnson syndrome
Rotor's syndrome
Primary biliary cirrhosis
Primary sclerosing cholangitis

Good luck to you and your father!
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