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biopsy results

I got my test results back yesterday and it doesnt look very good. Genotype 1a grade 3 stage 2. I will be starting treatment when meds get approved. I hope I can stay as positive as all of you.  Even though I am a nurse this is a whole new area for me. I guess I will not feel so down after it gets started. Doc says have to treat for a year with no gaurantee.I live in a rural area so wont have any support groups, Have a husband hes okay but thinks maybe I'll get all the side effects from reading you guys posts. I am thinking I'll get them from the tx. well I just made a joke it must help to talk about it. thanks for being here
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So sorry to hear your bx results were not as good as one would wish for. I am always worried mine are bad,  but since I didn't have a bx before tx, I have no idea. i think it is good you know what you are dealing with. I feel like Mine is really bad sometimes and it makes it hard.

You will do fine on tx. It is doable, even with the sx. Hey, look at me/ I am the sx poster child, it feels like anyway. Many have none. I think waiting to start is hard. Once I made up my mind, I wanted to start right away! When do you start tx?
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not the best results, but not the worse either!  You have a good 50 to 60% shot at SVR, depending on whether you can clear the virus early in tx. Even if you do not clear by wk 12, extending tx can cut your relapse chances significantly.
of course you are going to get the sx! that is the best part of tx, especially the one where you can pig out on ice cream and cakes and not gain an ounce!
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thanks both of you guys for your response and hope youll both be with me on this. Does it sound like im afraid to be alone with all this? Yeah cause I am. But I really like the skinny part I thought about eating everything I can and getting fat but then what if weight lost is the one side I dont get. I better hold off on eating the whole house. I have long hair and color it about every 3 weeks Im thinking of cutting it short and frosting to let the gray come in without such a shock What do ya think?
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I thought my husband was the only one who thought that way, so a couple of times he caught me crying while i was reading a moving thread on the forum, now when he sees me on the forum, he goes oh no you going to cry again where was he when so many times i have laughed my heart out. Ohio nurse your going to be just fine,at least you wont have to watch the video on how to give yourself a shot, and you know how to read labs, your already one up.......................
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Hopefully you will be able to continue with the hair color. Mine was highlighted, still is I suppose. I haven't had it done since I started tx in March. That is a record for me! I did have my outlaw color it before I went on baction. It is fine for me at this point. I figure it is the least of my worries.

I ate ice cream by the gallon. I have cravings like I am pregnant. I may not have lost, but I haven't gained anything. I guess we really need to think about those kind of postive things! LOL
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Yeah the doctor decided I didnt need the teaching on shots but even though I have give hundreds of shots I have never given me one. It will be harder then you might think. The test result stuff is good the doc gives me copies I think I'll make a journal watch my success or failure with the treatment.If I get bad side effects I think I'll take it out on my husband then blame that on you guys with the mind fog thing lol not really he is a good guy overall and hes a nurse too so if all else fails he can give me shots
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cant wait for all the ice cream. I practiced yesterday after getting all the info from the doc I had a large hot fudge sundae for dinner it helped.
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Thanks again for comments and support I really need to get to bed and maybe sleep. will check back soon
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Good luck to you, I started a journel before I started tx.
reason is due to my other issues (bi-polar) I am very well
maintained on my meds since finally diagnosed appropriately.
well anyway...I started a journel to write all the positives things...you wouldn't believe how much fun this can be....
my brother had just passed away and I was so sad from that,
and he had a humor about him that would get my so hysterical, well we would have emails then sign them with initials, & we would have to figure it out, it would be based on whatever was involved with that particular email. for ex: I might go on and on about how I'm the youngest, was picked on terribly by 3 older brothers but....
that would me 'still oldest sister'
so no matter what, I am the only sister, but the oldest..
anyway...I do tend to rattle, but it is these little things, that give people pleasure & whatever yours are ...write them down so you don't forget.
My daughter had phrases 'you can't go wrong with yellow'
whenever I get down...I look at the sun...yep, you can't go wrong with yellow..
again silly but this journel of thoughts was enough to keep me going, I had pages and pages of silly stuff.
and again I hate to go on and on, but my life has been hard....not to say no one else hasn't, but what ever else is going on, there is somewhere those silly little phrases, songs, memories, whatever, that was my type of journel.
then when I did my 2nd shot and saw blood, couldn't find help, but found this site, I was now in 'hep c heaven' with a new family.
I have felt that my sx were not near as severe as others, & for that I felt sad for others, because the sx I did go through were hard. My fiance' as supportive as he can be, well, it's hard to be supportive to a 'witch' but if your sad, well that's different.
so again sorry for so much, but good luck, write some good stuff before tx starts, glad you found this site first. I wish I had.
good, no, great group of informative supportive people here...
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I need spell check and grammer check.
sorry for such a mess.
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Good luck with your bx. Please post later and let us know how it went. I'll say a prayer that you will have a low score on the stage and grade.
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thanks for mentioning the icecream,
just had mine for tonight.
I eat at least one cone of chocolate almond
and one icecream sandwich per evening.
that is a minimum requirement while on tx
or while preparing for tx.

Doctor Paris47 prescription, glad to see others
following the same prescription!

it's sad when you run out, and that it can seem like
the end of the world, so learn to stock up!!

one day the freezer door did not get shut tight.
by the time I came home everything ruined, could have
cared less about the waste, or the mess,
but I was so tired, and wanted my icecream
...needed to muster up the energy to go to the store..
now I am constantly checking that freezer door to make
sure it is shut tight.
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