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blood levels too high for Tx

Hello to you all again.

well here is the lastest update to my husbands situation.  i was speaking with one of the doctors in the usa today, well i should say the secretary who was informing me of what the doctor and the PA (physicians Assistant) said.  that my husbands blood levels are all too high for any treatment.  so my question to all of you is , IS THIS CORRECT?  i dont know anything about this part of it.   i understand if platelets are too low then yes, but even a doctor from this site said he would treat with platelet levels of 75,000.

please advise about blood levels being too high for TX.

thank you

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Can you be more specific about what blood levels?  Sometimes they will not treat if the liver has advanced to cirrhosis as treatment can cause additional problems.  If the iron level (ferritin) is too high they will recommend lowering it with phlebotomy or drug therapy prior to treatment but I have never heard of someone being denied treatment because of "blood levels are to high".  You need ask additional questions and make them give you specifics as to what they are talking about. Whether the viral load is high or not, it has no bearing on treatment.  Most of us have high liver enzymes prior to tx and even during tx so that should not be a consideration as well.  If you can give us some more info, we may be able to advise on the situation.  
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Sorry, I didn't read the info on your profile before posting.  He may not be able to treat because of the compensated cirrhosis.  I am not familiar enough with that to comment, however, many here have had similar experiences and I'm sure someone will lend their expertise.  I hope things will work out for all of you and he will get the medical attention he needs in whatever capacity necessary.
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