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can u have a false positive

in 2000 i was told i had hep c antibodies no hep c ,then in 2002 was told i had hep c virus , i then got liver biopsy always been fine and healthy with bloods always ok, last year i went to doctors and asked for a hep c test, was told 3 times now no hep c virus only antibodies,i found it strange how my husband is on last stages of this disease and im fine, no doctors have taken responsibility for not checking the test, as 1 doc says to me once u have it u always have it, i said to the doctor so does that mean there could be hundreds of people walking about thinking they have this and they dont he said yes there could be, yes i know not helpfull at all,, i havent been told ever what geno type or anything can i take the doctors involved to court?
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You can take anyone to court for anything in America. Doesn't mean you'll get anywhere or you should do it.
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The ‘HCV RNA by PCR’ test is conclusive for active infection. Ask your doctor if you’ve had that test in the past, and if so, what your HCV RNA status is. If you are RNA positive, then you have Hep C.

Only around 5-10% of couples share the virus through sexual or other non-IVDU contact.

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No it doesn't seem that you have anything to take them to court over you don't have the disease apparently even.  One test may have been a false positive or it could have been that you had recently been re-infected and your body beat the disease again (as you had antibodies prior) but I think that is about it.
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