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can u work and take the cure

I need to be able to work and i was wondering if that was possible, i know everyone is different, but basically what's the overall comments?
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  Well, it really depends on alot of factors, such as, which Treatment are you using?  I would say, if you are a genotype 2, and doing Interferon Shots and Ribaviran, then yeas, definitely.
   If you are genotype 1, and having to do the "Triple Treatment", then there are two different meds that are used, as the third med (they are Direct Acting Agents, referred to as Protease Inhibitors) The first one is Incivek (aka Teleprivir, and the second one is Victrelis(aka Teleprevir)
    I did the Treatment with Victrelis, and did mange to take care of my two children, and work part-time.  Also, I am 50 yrs old.  Perhaps if I was younger I would have manged to work full-time.
   The thing that slowed me down, was that the meds gave me anemia.  The anemia caused me to get winded easily.  But this sort of anemia, referred to as "hemolytic anemia" is more common, with the Triple Treatment.
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"basically what's the overall comments?"

I don't think you will be able to find and overall answer to your question. I mean, there are a lot of factors involved. What kind of work are you trying to do, etc. Personally, I'm ONLY on double TX with Peg/Copeg (Interferon and Ribivirin) NOT on triple TX. Having said that, I will tell you I cant work. Shoot, I can barely walk these days...but that's just me. Now, if I had an office job where I was sitting down, YES I could work. But I worked for the Forest Service and did very physical work so there's no way I could perform my duties while on TX. You will just have start TX and try, if its too much then explore your options.
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Everyone is different.  Most have been able to work through treatment, but some have not.  My husband has worked through three treatments with only missing a day or two here and there due side effects.  It wasn't easy, but do-able for him.
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Did Incivek triple therapy. After week 12, incivek is over, where I believe victrelis is a lot longer. Would take pegasys shot fri night, be fatigued for the weekend, depending on your job, you should be ok if you take shot nite before a couple days off. Less fatigue when Incivek stops. So a M-F 9-5 regiment is a decent scenario. Good luck.
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I went through 2 treatments the first one failed, the second one was triple therapy with incevik. Never missed a day of work, I work in an automotive repair shop in Florida so it was very hot. Took my shot on Friday night and rested the weekend. About the 8th week of incevik it was getting a little tough but I would just come home eat and go to sleep. If I would have stayed home and did nothing for 24 weeks it would have drove me crazy. I tried to keep my routine the same. Not easy but doable, just take the side effects one day atna time. Good luck. Joe
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Prepare for the worst.  Hope for the best.  I took 48 weeks of Peg, Riba, and 3 oral drugs.  No sides.  worked just fine through the whole treatment.  You will be fine!
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I'm 53, and been in construction for over 30 years. There are some who can work. I get winded walking up stairs. The best I could do, would be part time work. As with side effects, everyone is different. Brain fog and fatigue keeps me at home. I'm taking the route of good sleep, rest, and taking my meds as scheduled, with as little stress as possible.
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I am also doing interferon and ribrav and the first month I worked. It was difficult. Now with my blood levels dropped there is no way I could work. I have woke up feeling great and go to take trash out and feel like I will pass out
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