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changes early on

im coming up on my 5th shot the last two i have had no synptoms but a headach.i actually am more tired on wed and thurs before the shot.does anyone else have no real symptoms to speak about after taking there shot, then getting tired later in the week.
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im not really having any symptoms to speak of either cept like u said the headaches and tiredness so far and im 6 weeks into treatment now. i have noticed that im becoming less tolerant of situations and speaking my mind a bit more than i probably should at times. a bit more irritable i should say. but other than that not too bad. im waiting to be approved for the victrella now to go with the ribavarin/interferon treatments ive already been doing. im a bit worried that it may cause a few side effects but if it cuts my treatment time down im just about ready to try anything. i wish u as well as all the rest of us treating this condition all the good prayers we can muster cause we are all going to need them. i guess the best advice i can give u right now is to keep ur head up and dont lose ur sense of humor cause some days that may be all that pulls us thru...that and a friend to vent with...lol
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you sound just like me!
sides were few and pretty much what you described.  This held true the entire duration.
heres hoping your sides remain few and weak.
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You are coming up on your 5th shot.  You made no mention of a PCR test.  You are getting one before your 5th shot, aren't you???????  This 4-week PCR is very important.  The optimum time to do it is the day of your 5th shot, before the shot.


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I also suggest a very sensitive test --
If you us LabCorp, get a QuantaSure
If you use Quest, request a Heptimax
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The only thing predictable about the sx of tx is its unpredictability.  
I wish you the best, Ricky
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The first 2-3 weeks I began to wonder, is it going to be this easy?  Almost no sx, continued normal activities including exercise with no problems.  Then the riba starting kicking in some and noticed some fatigue and a decrease in my ability to perform at a higher level.  I've read that it sort of levels off about week 6-8 and this might be true for me as well.  ANC tanked to very low levels and needed neupogen starting week 9.  This friday - shot 10.

I also notice that my energy level is higher on Sat/Sun and Mon/Tues seem to be the days where if feel the sx a bit more.  Honestly, I don't expect this to stay the same, and each week brings a new challenge.  Some are tougher, some easy.  Stress also plays a major role in how you feel, so do your best to minimize.  Easier said than done.
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