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chemo -started round 3 today

Just checking in again with everyone about t x progress,I am happy to say that with 2 rounds of chemo that my tumor has shrunk 50 %  which they are saying is good.Started round 3 today.Yuck-for all  of you chemotherapy is no fun-it has really put me  down, but Keep putting it in my mind not to stay down!!Cant wait till I can put something in my mouth to eat that doesnt taste like metal yes EVERYTHING I eat taste like heavy metal-nothing has any flavor to it all all.I usually start to feel bad 5-7 days into tx  then stay feeling bad until about 15 days after then start to feel good again and just when I feel best,its time for another round!!! Thinking of you all and thanks for the prayers-they are working !!!   cindy
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50%? Great!!! It it grand when you know that all your suffering is having a positive impact? YEAH!

Isn't that a killer? Just when you start feeling better. It's poison time! Somehow it doesn't seem fair does it?
I am hoping another treatment or two and the tumor is completely obliterated. Chemo sux but it also works, which makes it all worth when you finally catch a break.

Good to hear from you. I am very happy to hear of your progress. Keep up the fight!!!

You know I always have my fav cancer sayings. Here are my newest ones.

'Leave me along. I'm living.'
'Retail therapy beats chemotherapy!'
'If I was a mouse, I'd be cured by now.'
'My reality check just bounced.'

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Yay.. that is great news.. and isn't that so true.. just when you start to feel better, it is time again..  
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Wow, that is great news that your tumor is shrinking so much, hooray! I'm so sorry it has to be such a horrible tx to get to that shrinkage though. If only there was some way that we could all help shoulder a little of the burden for you. I'd be willing to take a little of your sickness if I could. Maybe if we all try to do that for you mentally, it might somehow translate into your feeling a little bit better. I'm not really a very spiritual person - I'm more of a science type, but in spite of that I have personally noticed feeling better when I had very good friends trying hard to send "healing energy" while I was recovering from a major surgical event a few years back, so something happens somehow. Best wishes for a full recovery!
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Wonderful to hear the good news.  Life is worth fighting for and you are strong.  You can do this!  My prayer are definitely with you.  
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So very happy to hear from you and to hear how well you are doing
My thoughts and prayers are with you
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sounds good cindy....wishing you good luck...thanks for the update......billy
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So nice to hear from you Cindy and great to know the treatment is working !
Thanks for checking in and wishing you the best of luck..

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cindy, i'm so happy that your tumor has reduced!!  that's awesome news.  i wish you didn't have to go for another round of chemo.  my thoughts and prayers are with you.  you are so strong and positive.  best wishes.  belle
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So great to hear from you and a 50% reduction already!  That is great news.  Keep up the good work and stay strong!!!!!!  :)

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Cindy, thanks for checking in and giving us such good news about your progress.  I can only imagine the challenges of chemo and how you must feel.  And you come here to give us well wishes.  You're a very special gal and wish you the best going through tx.  We send you strength and energy to get through each round.  Best wishes.
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Thanks for sharing the great news Cindy!!!

Good luck,
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Thanks so much for letting us know your treatment is working !
You're a strong woman and a survivor.
Wishing you the very best ~
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Really truly excellent news now you keep up the good work.  You are one tough cookie!  :)
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Gosh, Cindy; good news about tumor reduction. Sorry to hear the drugs are hitting you so hard; hopefully they're knocking the daylights out of the disease. Thanks much for checking in, by the way. Keep in touch and good luck-

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Wow Cindy this is just Wonderfull news.  We really miss you when your not around. Hugs Ginger
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Thats great Cindy! 50% is really good. Hopefully it will totally disappear. Thank you for the update...anne
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Wonderful news Cindy!!  I haven't been on the forum recently (tendonitis still) and your post was the 1st one I saw.  Really, really happy for you.  For that nasty taste, have you tried the Biotene??  Not that Biotene tastes good either but maybe.  Or Big Red Gum maybe might help a little.  Dunno.  Anywho, thanks for sharing this update.  Praying the best outcome for you :)

And yeah Hector, I agree with you: 'If I was a mouse, I'd be cured by now!"

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im kinda new here but i wanted to tell you what great news and i will be sending prayers your way!!!  stay strong!
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Great news! Thanks for sharing the good progress!
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Just want to send a thank you for posting.  I actually thought about you since my friend was diagonosed with one of those cancer critters days AFTER the completion of his tx.  They are not going to give him chemo I believe they are going straight in - need to get proper name of procedure....

Either way, wishing you the best of luck!
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Glad that the chemo is working.  We just take it one day at a time.
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