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I swim for a half hour everyday at the YMCA .  Is there any danger in that much exposure to chlorine
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id be more worried about those 4 guys that sing that song...".AT THE WMCA"...im kiddn.....yes....your skin is like sponge...it absorbs it big time into the body...just google it up
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opps...YMCA...not WMCA...im losing it
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our skin is worse that a sponge...if you even rub  a hit of LSD on you skin...you will see pink animals
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Body absorbs 5lb of make-up chemicals a year

Women who use make-up on a daily basis are absorbing almost 5lb of chemicals a year into their bodies, it is claimed.

Many use more than 20 different beauty products a day striving to look their best while nine out of 10 apply make-up which is past its use by date.

Dependence on cosmetics and toiletries means that a cocktail of 4lb 6oz of chemicals a year is absorbed into the body through the skin.

Some synthetic compounds involved have been linked to side effects ranging from skin irritation to premature ageing and cancer.


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I used to take a water aerobics class to see if it helped with my joint and muscle pain a couple years ago. It DID help in those areas but I had a hard time with the fumes in the pool area.......feeling somewhat toxic afterwards, so I quit the classes. I think at the time this pool was over-chlorinated. At my old house, we had a pool and kept the additives to a minimum and I never had any problems there.

If the chlorine level is less in your pool and your tolerating it ok, I guess I would weigh the benefits of exercise and doing something you enjoy.


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We have a pool and the chemicals are kept at a very acceptable level.  Prior to txing, I would swim laps every morning before going to work.  This summer I was unable to swim because we should avoid too much sun exposure while txing.  Never had any adverse reaction from the pool chemicals nor has anyone in my family.  The exercise is extremely beneficial and certainly outweights the risks of chlorine exposure.
There are conditioners you can add to your pool water to keep your skin from becoming dry or irritated if you have sensitive skin.  Because of public usage, a facility like the YMCA would add more chlorine to kill germs.  Kids like to pee in the pool!!  I would never avoid a delightful experiences such as pool outings with family and friends because I feared the danger of chlorine.  There are many things in life that present much more hazzard.  If you enjoy swimming at the Y, go for it.  We only live once.

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