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cirrohsis and Hep C

may i take norco or vallium when I hsve cirrohsis and Hep C
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I have taken valium and another benzo during Tx. My doctor tells me that not taper down benzo, take your regular dose. Your Tx is the most important, and benzo is not strong for your liver.
Acetaphetamin is not good in high doses, you can get clean hydrocodon in Europe, I believe in US also?
Without addictive drugs I had never get finish to my Tx, I get very ill, but knew what I was doing, and all after tapering, get ill from drugs....your choice.
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Any drug you ingest is processed through the liver.

Norco contains acetaphetamin.  People with liver damage should not take more than 2000 mg within a 24 hr period.
Daily usage may as in every day for months may be harmful and depending on the degree of cirrhosis you may not be able to take medication that contains acetaminophen.

In mild and moderate cirrhosis, average half-life of Valium is increased. The average increase has been variously reported from 2-fold to 5-fold, with individual half-lives over 500 hours reported. There is also an increase in volume of distribution, and average clearance decreases by almost half. Mean half-life is also prolonged with hepatic fibrosis to 90 hours (range 66 - 104 hours), with chronic active hepatitis to 60 hours (range 26 - 76 hours), and with acute viral hepatitis to 74 hours (range 49 - 129). In chronic active hepatitis, clearance is decreased by almost half.

In other words, your liver is not functioning properly with cirrhosis and the effects of both drugs may be increased.  Both drugs are also addictive.  

What does your doctor say?

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I have Hep C and cirrohsis ---- may i take norco or vallium
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