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cleared hepc need your opinon on cholesterol drugs!

Hi ,Ive been clear of hepc for over three years , I was on the board with nygirl when i did my year, well anyway I was told to start taking zolcor  a drug for cholesterol its 20mg, i was at stage 2 when i started the treatment now my alt is at 16 does anyone have any input on this ? Ive been reading good and bad about it,,i guess  i just dont ever want to do anything to harm my liver anymore, and im a little worried..thank you
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I take a cheap generic version of this (simvastatin). My doc started me on 40 mg, even though my cholestoral wasn't that bad. I talked him into letting me take minimum dose (20 mg) and it works just fine. My ALT/AST remain normal.
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Oh thank you, actually simvastatin 20mg is what it is , i just thought people could recognize zolcor better, this makes me feel a little better about it!
                                           Thank you
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Colesterol lowering drugs are very bad for you,the contain statins that could actually make you have a heart attack.There are other ways you can lower your bad cholesterol.Do some research on statin drugs.My husband has had 2 heart attacks and they wanted him to take a cholesterol lowering drug,no way.Fish oil works!!!I also know a woman that in the hospital as I write this who has been poisoned by statin drugs.Google seach -How dangerous are statin drugs?
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You are prescribed a low dose which is what I am on.  Same drug also.  It has been a year and my liver enzymes are 18 & 17.  So far so good.  Good Luck

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Well hello there.......... Still waiting on that chocolate cake and shrimp.

Stay well
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Hey Goldyn I can't believe it's really really been that long!!!!!!!!!  It's great to see you posting and so awesome to know SVR is ours!

Anyway lots of us have cholesterol problems after treatment that never had them before (prior it was like the only 'perfect' thing about me!).  My doc has been going crazy about it and I keep telling him that I haven't changed a darn thing about myself but we all have this problem cause its our LIVER, duh!  I'm afraid to go back for my next test because I dont want another medicine for every month so I've put it off. Bad girl I know, so I dont really know all that much about it but I wanted to post to you anyway!  ;)

I know on some of the commercials on tv they have a 'if you have liver problems' warning.  I can't remember which one exactly (and usually they say stuff like "if you have ever had hepB" (i can't see why it wouldn't apply too to HCV) - so I'd really check to see if there is any problem with taking it.  General practitioners don't usually think the way we do about liver health and stuff......but I'm sure the others who posted like Denise would have thoroughly checked it out so I will remember this in case I have to do it soon (probably :(

My enzymes are very low too I think last time they were like 8 & 10 or 12 & 14 or something like that.  Isn't that so much better than in the hundreds! :)

It sure is great to hear from you and to know that you are doing well (other than the cholesterol that is!) it sounds like you are doing great and for that I am very happy.

Dont be such a stranger!
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Thank you so much for your input!
Can do- you know your going to have to take my share of that chocolate cake and fried shrimp, looks like oatmeal for me for a while!

nygirl-good to hear from you , you sound great! Yes we are Blessed with SVR, been enjoying life quit one of my jobs but gained 2 grandbabys and another on the way, Yep
lifes good!

Cindy- thank you for your input believe me im looking hard both ways!

Gsdgirl-Im glad to hear your doing good on it , and your enzymes havent changed like to hear that , thank you!

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