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concerned confused scared

I just found out I have hep c type 3a. I can't take harvoni but heard other treatments like solvadi and ribavarin are very harsh. I can't miss work. Any body been thru these medications. How do they make u feel plus I have fibromyalgia and anxiety and Heart palpitations I'm really scared. Someone please answer
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hello,   I understand your anxiety an being scared about your diagnosis.  There are people on this forum that are very knowledgeable about treatments that are available.  I TREATED W/ Solvaldi an ribavirin  ( ribasphere). An not trying to insinuate treatment was a piece of cake but certainly doable.  If needed, I would not hesitate to repeat treatment.  I'm sure people will be along shortly to answer every question you have.  Take care.   Mary
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The treatments now are all very doable. I had anxiety and heart palpitations before treatment (Tx), and they weren't an issue for me, and I also had to take Interferon. There can be some additional anxiety, so let you doctor know, so you can get help for that if you need to, otherwise monitor the triggers for your anxiety. Many people work the entire time they are being treated too, I did. If you prepare yourself beforehand you can do this, and we on this forum will help you as much as we can.
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Thank you for that, I feel a little better knowing theres others out there like me going thru it also. How long were you on the meds. and are you cured now?
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Thank u for letting me know. How long have u been treating with the meds? My hope is that it clears it , I think im in Denial and i feel like Im scarred for life and will always be known as a dirty filthy person.and the truth is I dont know how i got this. I got 1 tatoo as a mid life crisis at 50. Maybe that was it IDK but im worried.. There is so much out there about people dying because of the meds. so thats why i joined this forum for some support
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Marie:   Welcome to the Forum.

Please know that we are all here to comfort, support advise and answer you questions so that you will know what to ask your doctor.

All of us were jarred and, once we could think, scared when we found out.  But the treatments are excellent now, and with no or mostly mild sides ( Sx or Side Effects). This is, indeed, the time to get diagnosed.  The tx (treatment or treatments) are so much easier now.  People who have Gt3 (me,too) are treated for 24 weeks with the Sol/Riba.  

There can be side effects on this. The most usual, and most bothersome of which is fatigue - part of which may be due to the side effect from the Riba which can cause a drop in the Hemoglobin.  However, most have the fatigue, but are able to work around it.  Many have only very mild sides, some none.Being younger helps with tolerance and seems to lessen the sides.  Exercise helps.

Also, Bristol Myers, Squibb is coming out with a med developed for, and trials done on GT3s, daclatasvir, which will have the trade name Daklinza, to be used with Sovaldi, the two only, for 12 weeks.

Also, hepc is a slow developing disease, so you do have time to think things through and make sound decisions about treatment, when the time comes.

It doesn't hurt to start now on eating a liver friendly diet, drinking a lot of water - most people don't drink nearly enough as it is - cutting down on or cutting out sugars, sodium, red meats.  Water:1 oz water for each pound of weight up to 1/2 your body weight, per day.  One of the additional benefits of that much is that it does seem to help w/symptoms on tx.

IF you use alcohol and/ or smoke, then stop or start stopping those activities.  Same with recreational drug use.

On here, no one cares where the hepc came from. All we care about is getting rid of it.  The health tips above are to keep from damaging your liver as all those things directly affect you liver, so they are useful to do even if you didn't have hepc.

ALWAYS get copies of your Lab results so you can keep them to look back on and compare.

You will be able to get info and answers here, as comfort and support.  We have all been where you are and will walk this walk with you.

One last thing, just in case you have a lot of fatigue for a couple or so weeks: mdo you have sick leave or accrued vacation time that you can take, either for a week or two at a time, OR a day here and there, if you need them.  I am not saying you will, but it will give you peace of mind if you can arrange ahead of time.  You can just tell your Boss, or HR person that you will be doing chemo and MAY have some fatigue from the tx, if you are not comfortable telling them about the hepc.  That is still the truth and all they really need to know.

Good Luck!  Good treating!  On to SVR (Sustained Viral Response = cure)!  And again, welcome.  Pat
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Hi Pat, Thank you for the comforting words. So are the treatments a form of Chemo Therapy?
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