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conflicting tests

I have had Hep C since 1996. 2 years ago my Dr said my Liver was still primo with almost no scarring. I had treatment (Peg and Riba) in 2003 but failed. I have 1 b.
Anyway I have had terrible bloating for 6 months when I eat. Blood tests were taken in December 2015. My appt was late January and the Dr said I was stage 4 and needed to get on Harvoni asap.
Next thing he sent me for a Esophageal scope and no varices were found. Then I had CT scan this week. The results said I had no cirrhosis, no ascites etc,etc and everything was normal. The resukts were on a pdf file that was sent to my email. I won't see my Dr for 5 more weeks and I don't understand how he can say stage 4 but my CT scan says all good. Anyone hear of this before?
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How did he diagnose F4 cirrhosis?

Did you have a fibrosure blood test? The fibrosure blood test is most accurate with F4 cirrhosis and less so for mid range damage.

What kind of doctor are you seeing? I was tested for esophageal varicies on my diagnosis of cirrhosis with liver biopsy back in Jan 2008 and had only small grade 1 varicies. When checked again 2 years later they were grade 2 and a year after that in 2012 they were grade 3 and needed to be banded.

I have never had a CT scan as I said I was initially diagnosed with a liver biopsy and did a fibroscan test in Fall 2014 to confirm my cirrhosis diagnosis for my insurance. I also have abdominal ultrasounds every 6 months to check for liver cancer.

As far as I know the tests used to diagnose cirrhosis are liver biopsy, Fibroscan and Fibrosure blood test.

Good luck
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I have a Gastroenterologist. He diagnosed the F4 from a blood fibrosis test. Then I had an esophageal endoscopy with no varices.after that he sent me for a CT scan and it said no cancer or hepatic masses and no cirrhosis and also no ascites.
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You may want to get your gallbladder checked, provided you still have one. If that thing starts heading south, you could get bloating after meals.
I guess  will try to see the Dr sooner (follow up is March 21) . I need to know what the heck is going on. I hope somehow I'm lucky and it's just some stomach infectiin.
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When I was first diagnosed with cirrhosis I was checked for varicies it took 4 additional years for me to develop varicies that needed treatment.

One common blood test that can indicate advancing cirrhosis is a low platelet count which is caused by portal hyper tensing which in turn causes the spleen to enlarge resulting in the sequestration of platelets as
Ned the low platelet test result. Low platelets are often the first symptom of worsening cirrhosis. My platelet count has been around 80 to 90 with minimum normal at 150. I have seen some sat they have as few as 50 or lower.

I have scant ascities but again it took several years for that to happen.

You my want to see a hepatologist associated with a liver transplant center they are best equipped to follow and treat a patient with cirrhosis
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