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confused and worried about CBC results

First, yay HGB is up to 10. I am a bit confused about other results. I am posting low and high results only. I think I know what the high MCV and RDW means but would like some confirmation. What I'm most concerned about is the high monocytes and lymphocytes. These were high before I started treatment and went back to normal two weeks after starting treatment, and have been normal ever since, except for three weeks ago the monocytes were slightly elevated and normal the next week. Could these high results be an indication that the virus is back? or am I being paranoid?

WBC        3.5  L
RBC        3.16 L
HGB        10 L
Hematocrit        32.2 L
MCV        102 H
RDW SD        62.2 H
RDW CV        16.8 H
Neutrophils       36.2 L
Lymphocytes    45.1 H
Monocytes         15.2 H
ABS Neutrophils 1.26 L
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Here are a couple of links that explain the complete blood count test results and what the results may mean. I think the first link is the best, but the other one offers some information too. The first one has some very good, concise information in table form including the causes of abnormal results:


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Hi Dawn,

Could these high results be an indication that the virus is back?
NO..there would be no corelationor

" am I being paranoid? "
A Tad  :) however we are all concerned with abnormal blood values .

The above are all fine for someone for someone doing HCV threapy.

Pooh has  referenced good links ..

Best  to you with your treatment..


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" correlation"
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Thank you pooh. Info is wonderful...Dang, your good!
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Thanks pooh and Will.

feel a bit more comfortable with the high WBC thing due to your words of wisdom; I think that will always be in the back of my head though.
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The whites and reds can take a real beating sometimes from all three drugs. however the only thing that gauges Viral load is the PCR...

You are doing fine  :)

Good luck..
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I repeat this because it's always coming up, hep C and the treatment does not go by rules. It varies which drives annoys the heck out of people.
As will says, all that matters is being und.

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Okay I'm being over the top. I do know this. I was UND at 4 and 12 weeks. I honestly thought about this and know you're right. Thank you  
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You're on treatment, that's enough to put anyone over the top.
Try not to worry and just take it day by day :)
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It seems like the further we progress in treatment the more blood values that are out of the reference intervals. It is a trip to see the report like that but not sure it is that uncommon while treating.  I am in week 23 and all the components on my CBC are out of the reference interval. All except RDW, platelets,  EOS, and Basos.


From what I understand, when it comes to the differential it seems like ANC (absolute neutrophilis count) is one to keep an eye on.

The LabCorp reference interval is (1.8 - 7.8).
Yours is 1.26 and mine is 1.20.


I am not sure when (if it all) to wonder about Neutropenia since I didn't have to the first time I treated. I truly hope it is a bullet we both dodge.

Here is an old link about it.
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You are doing just fine. Some of those elevated levels occur because the interferon is ramping up your immune system to fight what is left of the virus in your system. So having all of those extea little fighters is a good thing. Mine fluctuated throughout treatment.

People who have finished treatment say those values level out once all the drugs are out of our system. That's what I'm shooting for!

Here is another good website for interpreting CBC and differential.

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You guys are great. Thanks for all of the sites. I think I freaked because I am beginning week 17 and the only stuff from CBC that has been out of normal are WBC, RBC, HGB, hematocrit, and ABS neutrophils. This other stuff just came out of no where within two weeks.
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