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cracked lips in the corner

i  have had this for 2 wks now the  corner of my lips r cracked i take vitamins and fish oils how can i get rid of this or what addvice can you give me  please
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Treatment side effects. Drink plenty of water. You may also see Herpes (cold sores) break out all over your lips (if you have the Herpes virus, which stays with you forever).

I had a crack for many weeks that wouldn't heal, right in the middle of my upper lip. This will all go away once you're off treatment...

Good luck,

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very common. also use something topically on the corners as well.

it comes and goes.
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I've been on TX for 34 weeks and one of the most irritating of the many SX are the cracked corners of the lips.  Sometimes it's painful and even brushing my teeth makes it flare up.  it hurts when i smile, when i talk, when i eat . . .

I use chapstick several times an hour and drink as much water as i can but I still have the same problem.

A lot of people seem to have the same thing but most say it goes away after TX.

the other suggestion is it could be mouth thrush or a fungal issue that could clear up with the right meds.

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I had this problem.  I kept Carmex on the corners of my list all day and night.  It eventually went away
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umm, lips not list LOL
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I had them often on tx...blistex all the time,rinse mouth,water,water...
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