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'cure' vs. 'remission'

As we all know, this is the "million" dollar question. Well, luckily for me, this was brought to some resolve yesterday while visiting with Dr Schiff. He is regarded as one of the most well respected Dr's in the world with regards to HCV, so his opinion carries a great deal of weight.
Are we "cured", or is the virus in "remission"? His explanation, <strong>CURED</strong>. He is even going as far as composing a letter on my behalf, in regards to this exact explanation. He told me that it will state that I am in fact "cured", by medical defintion, and that HCV should not be a factor in reagrds to my future health. That yes in fact I did have HCV, but was successfully treated and "cured"..He stated that I can use this for insurance purposes, as well as jobs, and medical histories. As many of you know, I was turned down from a federal job because of HCV, and this letter would have rectified this. I <strong>highly</strong> recommend all that obtain SVR to ask their treating Dr's to compose similar letters for future reference. We all fall victim to a stigma, and the uneducated and misguided assumptions of "society".. A letter such as this can help in many ways, especially when attempting to obtain insurance.
I was told that a 6 month post tx undetectable PCR basically "seals the deal", and that by obtaining this great feat, one should consider themselves <strong>CURED</strong>..
I am very sure that many others will like to chime in on this, so as Jim suggested I opened a new thread.

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For three weeks I have worried with this question because of other threads and conversation. I know of Dr. Schiff by reputation and him putting a solid period on the sentence carries a great deal of weight in my opinion. Last thing I need is stess and my friend you removed a great deal of it with this note. Thank you, Dale
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Thanks for the information.  When I finally attain UND and eventually SVR, I'll be sure to keep this posting handy for Dr. Lake so that hopefully he too will provide such a letter for me.  Upon hearing incidents others have had to go through with jobs, insurance, etc., I was concerned about how this disease would change my life from here on out.
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At what location do you see Schiff?  I have an appt with doc Jeffers next week and wondering if they are all in the same location/clinic/offices.
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I see him at the the University of MIami medical center in front of Jackson Hospital. Right next to sylvester Cancer center. His office is actually across the street I believe, in Jackson Medical Towers, however..
I believe that Jeffors is with the VA, so you might be going down the street to the VA hospital?
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I was advised by my doctor once I was svr 6 months post tx not to even mention it again, Good advice? Who knows, just thought I would share it.
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Snook: We all fall victim to a stigma, and the uneducated and misguided assumptions of "society"
Thanks for re-posting. While some of these issues are controversial -- in and out of the medical community -- I think many of us appreciate hearing what one of the leaders's of Hep C research and  treatment -- Dr. Schiff-- has to say. There indeed is a stigma to this disease and sometimes I think we in the Hep C community are inadvertently guilty of fostering it ourself.

And not to start a ruckus :) I'd like to quote a little from Snook's previous post on his visit with Schiff on two topics "dear" to this discussion group. Again, they are controversial but I'm posting them for what they are, Dr. Schiff's opinions. I will add two hepatologists (in Schiff's league) that I consulted with came to the same conclusions on all the subjects mentioned.
And regarding the alcohol issue, I was a stage 3 prior to tx and am close to 60 years old.

The only fault I have with Schiff -- or my doctors -- and it's not really a "pick" but an observation -- is that they tend to see their job finished with SVR. I believe Schiff bid Snook a nice adios as did one of my docs. It's understandable, since we live in such a specialized medical society but how then will data accruately be accumulated on post treatment sides, etc. Certainly not by the drug companies.

Snook, I truly hope this finds you well now and in the future. You're a very young man and have so much life in front of you. Thanks again for sharing.

-- Jim
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