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daily schedule for taking meds hep c triple theropy


I will be starting the Victrelis tomorrow  and I could use some help on when to take meds.
Right now I take the Ribavirin at about 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.  The Pegasys shot on Friday night.
I need to know how to incorporate the Victrelis into the schedule.
I realize how important it is to take Victrelis at same times everyday.

Any other tips to make treatment more bearable would be appreciated.


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The Victrellis needs to be taken every 8 hours so I think it would be best to figure out those hours first. The every 8 hour schedule should be worked out so that it fits your living schedule as well as possible.

I took my drugs as follows:
Incivek:  6 am, 2 pm, 10 pm
Ribavirin:  6 am, 6 pm
Pegasys injection: Every Monday night at 8-9 pm

If you work, it would be best to figure out the pill schedule so it works well with your job schedule. If you do not work, then your time is more flexible.

The important thing is, you need to eat with the Victrellis pills, so you need to eat every 8 hours and then take you pills. You also need to eat with the Ribavirin pills.

Best of luck.
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pooh's schedule is spot on....

i was told not to take the second dose of riba too late, as it might adversely effect sleep. so i took it around dinner time 5-6.
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My schedule was similar to poohs; 6 - 2 - 10
I took boceprevir and ribavirin  at 6 and 2.
At 10 I had the final dose of ribavirin for the day.
Go to bed, wake up early and repeat. And then one day, you are done.
The nice thing about the boceprevir, is you don't need the fat grams.
My favorite breakfast was a banana and one slice of Swiss cheese. That's fat, carb and protein at 200 calories. Quick, easy and you can do that with your eyes closed.
Best to ya,
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I was told the Ribavirin could be taken with or without food.
I have been taking it without food most of time.
Can you please in lighten me?

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Hello uncledudeness,

I did not know that Ribavirin might adversely effect sleep.  I have been taking at 10 am and 10 pm.  No wonder my body clock is so off.  I can't tell if am.or pm. anymore.  Sometimes I do not sleep to 2 days at a time.
I feel very, very tired, but cannot sleep. (even with 1mg xanax)

I have decided to follow pooh's schedule:

Victrelis:  6 am, 2 pm, 10 pm
Ribavirin:  6 am, 6 pm
Pegasys injection: Every Friday night at about 9 pm.

Maybe taking the Ribavirin earlier, I can get back on some kind of sleeping schedule!!!


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I will be taking the incivek and my planned schedule is:

7- incivek and RIBA
2- incivek and RIBA
11- incivek
And then Friday night injections.
Is anyone out there following a similar schedule in terms of taking the riba with the second dose of the incivek or victrelis?

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