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depression and depression help

Hello everyone and thank God for sites like this. Started treatment on Nov 27,07 and it has not been easy for me.Depression and fatigue are my main concern. Does it get better? I do see a PSY and take meds for the depression.  Thank You and Good Luck to all .
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I think i can promisse u its gonna get better , 2 weeks after my first tx i was amazed over the big differens in mood thoughts and everything. Like someone else pointed out.  2 weeks after treatment her children said, we got our old (real) mammy back

I´m gonna lift U up in prayer  remeber you presious so presious somone died for U
take care my friend

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I just wanna add those awful, half, foogy and agnesty thoughts. I will try  not to take them seriusly since they mostly chemical . We will see how it will go with that, I`v just done 4 of  48 weeks in my sec tx and has´nt reached hell yet, when I do I´m gonna write in here for support and prayer
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It's gotten better for me at least. The first four to eight weeks was the hardest. I got depressed too, so I went on zoloft and it helped.  If your already on an antidepressant (they take a few weeks to kick in) and they are not working, try exercising everyday (at a light to moderate level).  Exercise has been proven to help depression, and it also lessons the side effects of tx.
Hang in there!
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I was one that had a very hard time with treatment. Had depression also, it got so bad i had him give me meds for it. But they didnt do that much. I went to hell and back. All side effects are different for everyone. So expect the worst and hope for the best. I was a non-reponder to treatment. You HANG IN THERE <<<<<<<<<...kirk
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I'm on 300mg of Welbutrin XL and 20mg lexapro daily.  Started tx Oct 5.  Until this month I was pretty remarkably upbeat about everything, even though I've had difficult side effects and pain and whatnot.

About a month ago I started to get pretty "weepy" feeling, where I just don't quite have the emotional stamina that I apparently used to have.  I think part of it may be tied to my finances though.  I'm a little more worried about them lately, so I think it may be that as opposed to the tx or the tx meds.
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Finances,  I agree, I just got fired from my job, which means I need to find work, so that I can pay for the Cobra (exorbitant amount) .  Gawd this country needs to get some kind of universal health care.  I think too that there is some kind of aid with the meds isn't there?  I think you have to be totally uninsured though... I agree finances can really screw you up.  I'm trying not to worry, and thank goodness for Lexapro right now.... I do have a contact for that.  M4now
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