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Paxil seemed to make depression MUCH WORSE, Zoloft seems much better, and comments on Paxil or other anti-depressants?
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Everyone has a different reaction
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I've been taking Zoloft for a few months. I think that it's had a positive
effect on me with little or no sides. It's the first medication of this type that I've taken so I have nothing else to compare it to. Like xinn said,
everyone is different.
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Most of them out in a dense state. Like a zombie. Paxil made me want to kill and I wanted to kill myself, it was horrible. The only thing I would for  myself is half of a 2mg Diazapam. But I just take when things get out of control and I need to calm down. I probably need something to even things out but like I said all that I have tried (other than Paxil) had made me a zombie. No drive, no desire, no ambition, no get up and go. It was toooooo sedate. I do hope the Zoloft keeps I'll try that. (I have a super low tolerance to drugs) I take a half of Benadryl to go to sleep.LOL Anyway, good luck to you on your journey thru this HepC hell.
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I also take Magnesium Tiffany. I started taking it simply because I was low on it and low Magnesium can contribute to flare-ups for me. It works! I've tried a few of the anti-depressants but believe they all eventually quit working and you have to keep taking more. It certainly can't hurt to give it a try if you're depressed.
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Thank goodness this is a very old post!!!

I would never recommend an anti-depressant but when these horrible meds turn ones brain chemicals upside down it is best to find a very good psychiatrist to work with! I never thought I would need an a-d but when I turned suicidal - UGH!

It was awful trying to find a good psych let alone an a-d to work for me. All a-ds are awful but when your brain chemicals are destroyed and you are suicidal I don't think there is any choice. I found a great psych and an a-d that worked for me. I couldn't wait to get off it... but it did save my life.

Doesn't matter which one worked for me as everyone is different but if you are in a really dark place due to these very strong meds then one should consider a search for a very good psych *firing a psych is such a great feeling* and knowing it might take a month or longer to fit into a anti-d... ***just my opinion, f
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