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did it

did first shot sat night went very well, is that to say rest of tx will be easy?
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last winter, many here mentioned the varied skin problems that plagued them and the remedies that worked for their specific condition.
I already know that U-lactin or any lotion with lactic acid and urea works best for moisturizing dry, scaly skin. I don't have any generalized rashes, only the spot in my back where the bra strap clasps, and use cortisone for that one,
The one thing that might end this lengthy tx is the slits and splits in my hands and lips. the hands become painful, especially in the corner where the nail meets the skin. I've always had dry skin, but thyroid checked fine everytime, even on Tx.
Since moving to the states with a winter. The fingers get splits that sometimes bleed and , if in the thumb, keep me from wiritng. I am seriously considering stopping the meds, because the condition got somewhat worse on them. Then I remembered there was a post last year where many shared what worked for them.
I figured that many will go through a winter for the first time while on meds this coming season, so this might benefit them and me.
The small slits in the hands might be easier to heal than the splits by the finger nails and those hurt the most, so anyone with these open, sometimes bleeding splits, what worked for you, if any?
TY all.
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You asked a good question and I know it must be painful when you are trying to use your hands. I haven't had the splits in my hands but having terrible problems with bottom of my feet. They are peeling in layers and yes,,,,the splits are painful when walking. I have tried so many different lotions and creams and seems that nothing is helping much.  Hope you get some relief quick and can finish your tx soon!!
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Strange as it seems, with psoriasis, when you have splits in your skin or fingernails, they recommend closing them with superglue. I have done it and damn, it works. The pain of the splits opening is gone, they have time to heal, and the superglue disappears within a week.
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Hey guys and gals, I am still slowly working on my webpage of the folks here and there who have/had Hep C.  My URL is:
www.geocities.com/auggieaz   And I apologize as it seems I printed up a duplicate of the board so it looks extra long.  If I get some new info to add I will try to remedy that.  There is a place on there that says Contact Webmaster (thats me) and you can send me your info if you would like to be added.  
It's great to see some oldies popping in now and then, I cant keep up with the newbies, but feel free to check it out and see all the success stories etc.  I have been off tx for 3 1/2 months and am feeling pretty good.  Lingering brain fog, but knock on wood, that seems better too.
That's all from my corner of the planet.
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for hand splits:   there's a new form of liquid band-aid called "skin crack gel" which is supposedly tailor-made for the condition you describe.   it's different than the original formula, and just hit pharmacy shelves a couple of months ago.   i bought some but haven't opened it yet....am waiting till the weather gets a little cooler, because i know i'll be getting splits then.   i got some finger splits in the beginning of treatment, but was able to heal them by religiously applying lac-hydrin cream every day.   at this point i'm coming very close to the split point, but they stop just short of opening up and simply remain very dry and tender.   i did run out of the rx lac-hydrin and bought otc lubriderm "advanced formula" which is supposed to be super-moisturizing for extra-dry skin.   it's not nearly as effective as the lac-hydrin and doesn't seem to be as "heavy" nor does it appear to soak deep into the layers to impart as much moisture -- its main virtue is that it's less greasy, but i'd rather have the extreme moisture and elasticity provided by the lac-hydrin.    i'd rather stick with otc though -- did you say eucerin was your fave a while back?   if so, which formula? (i looked at target pharmacy the other day and they had several).    whqat have been you favorite otc brands and formulations for severely dry skin (i'm not worried about greasiness, btw, if increased effectiveness comes along with the package).

for lips:   i don't use chapstick and stuff like that, it's not "heavy" enough.... keeping a thick layer of regular vaseline on the lips at all times has been necessary for me, along with avoiding flexing the mouth too much -- i smile very subtly with minimal movement and am careful to restrict movement as necessary when eating, yawning, talking, etc.   if i keep these motions in check and remain lubricated, i can avoid most splits there.  these precautions are probably not needed for most people, but i'm having a lot of mucous membrane swelling (particularly in the mouth area) from the interferon.....a side effect that i haven't seen discussed here so i sense it's somewhat rare.   the dryness is widely reported, but significant swelling is not as common.   anyway, hope this helps, and if you have some lotion recommendations, please let me know --

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THANK you so much for that tip, I remember the lachydrin post, weren't you worried that it was too old? I am glad it worked!
The eucerin, was a formulary the dermatologist ordered for the pharmacist to concoct. It had glycerin, eucerin, salt crystals and lactic acid. then another derm in the west coast prescribed urea crystals instead of the sal, the only thing that kept me from snowing flakes until u-lactin and lac hydrin. The forementioned creams were heavy and hard to apply, but stayed on longer.
If the eucerin in the market is pure enough, maybe we can make our own brew.
  I am going to try that gel.... not looking forward to the winter....thanks again
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Go to your local feed store that carries horse products.  Look for "Hoofmaker".  This is a heavy cream we use on horses feet to repair or prevent cracking.  It is inexpensive and comes in a large plastic bottle.  I use it on my hands and finger nails.  No I am not going through treatment right now although will say what I can to help. Hey....can't hurt to try, Right?  Let me know if anyone has tried Hoofmaker and let me know your results.

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I cannot imagine what pain and discomfort you all must go through with this sx/condition....my heart goes out to you.  I can only offer my well wishes and positive thoughts/prayers for you.  I hope you all find the perfect healing for this.  Good luck to you all.
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it looks like it has the glycerin and a lactic acid derivative, salt but no eucerin( I guess the oils will do) or urea. I guess it could work, but that is a lot of alcohols for a skin lotion, and might not work in extremely cold winter, most docs reccommend alcohol free, to avoid the alcohol drying effect.
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I was speaking with an oncologist the other day about something and he told me that the chemo he prescribes for cancer patients causes the palms of hands and the bottom of feet to become red, irritated, tender and painful.  I would assume our meds would cause the same symptoms.  It's called hand/foot syndrome.  I'm not kidding.  He said he prescribed some kind of steroidal cream for the symptoms.  Unfortunately, I cannot recall the name of the cream, but if you did a Google search on hand/foot syndrome, I bet you could find something out that might help your symptoms.  Good luck.  

(P.S. - Ever since he told me that, I've been obsessively looking at my palms, and lo and behold, they do get very red a couple times a day and then they go back to normal looking color.  Weird!)
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More info on Hoofmaker

Active Ingredients:
Water, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine Lactate, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60, PEG-150 Stearate, Steareth 20, Cetyl Alcohol, STEARYL alcohol, Glycerine, Coconut Oil, Sodium Chloride, Vegetable Oil, Fragrance, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, DMDM Hydantoin, Phenoxyethanol, Protein, Lanolin, PEG-25 Castor Oil, Allantoin, Isopropyl Alcohol, FD &C Yellow #5, FD & C Yellow #6.

For use on Humans:
Apply to hands, nails, cuticles and skin as necessary. Massage into dry skin, especially hands, elbows and feet.

It was by accident I found out how well this stuff works by applying it to my horses hooves.  My nails got really strong and cuticals were awsome so now I apply to elbows and feet.  Good stuff!  Hope it works for you! I keep some in my purse in a small jar and apply anytime I think about it!
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Hi!  I am a stay at home mom from Kansas City that started a Homemade Cosmetics business called Little Blue Bird" Homemade Cosmetics.  I have many healing products for your skin,lips,feet and fingernails.  All of my products have a aloe vera gel base and contain vitamin E and green tea. I have done much reseach on healing ingredients and have added them to my recipes.  I have had many return costumers that have had cracked and dry hands,feet and nail problems that have told me that my lotions, scrubs and creams are the only products that have worked for them. I do not have a website and only do email and phone orders.  All of my products are made with my original recipes and are natural and fresh.  I also have 150 different fragrances to choose from. I would be glad to email or mail you a brochure that will tell about my products.
I come across this website while I was doing some reseaching and I thought maybe I could help.
Little Blue Bird
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