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diet while on tx

New soujorn and all,
I am wondering about what diet you follow during peg/copeg treatment and after. I was doing the Atkins diet which you eat primarily meat for a few weeks and then add lots of vegetables. I have toyed with several diets before tx. I need to lose some weight but just want to make sure I am being healthy through this. There is so much controversy over low-fat verses low-carb etc. Since tx started I have been trying to eat low-fat. Any suggestions on what you have been told or type of diet you follow? Do you think eating lots of meat such as Atkins is harmful to your liver? Thanks you in advance.
PS. I did shot #3 last night and am feeling pretty good, just the wonderful headache, backache and weak feeling.
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I do think eating lots of meat is harmful to your liver. I think it cannot easily process all that protein. Other people will have more technical info for you, I am sure.

I am doing shot 11 tonite, and my eating is very different. I cannot eat large portions of ANYTHING (except water, don't yell, everyone, water is never enough) and I cannot eat greasy, heavy food. I need to lose weight also, and I have lost around 8 lbs without a special diet. Eat healthy, see what agrees with you, eat when hungry, graze instead of big meals, when not hungry eat a little of whatever is nutrient rich.

One GOOD side is we often lose weight anyway.
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I can't speak to a good tx diet, but a good liver diet is a well-balanced diet that contains the right carbs, the right fats, and the right protein. What's that you say?

The right carbs are unprocessed carbs. They are whole organic grains. They are organic fruits and vegetables.

The right fats are olive oil and oils rich in the essential fatty acids (omega3/6/9s). Anything with hydrogenated oil in it is bad fat. Anything fried is bad fat. Most margarines are bad fat (they have hydrogenated oil in them). Most processed foods contain hydrogenated oil (look at the labels on breads and crackers, etc.).

As far as meat and protein, that really depends on the condition of the liver. A cirrhotic liver handles protein much less efficiently than a liver with mild fibrosis. However, the body needs protein to rebuild and regenerate, so one needs to achieve a balance. Eggs are a good source of protein (cage free). Yogurt is also a decent source of protein.

THe less artificial substances one ingests, the easier it is on the liver. The liver is the body's filter. It gets rid of the drek and works to process (metabolize) the rest. The less drek you ingest the easier a job it has.

I would assume this diet works well for tx, although since tx throws the body for such a huge loop (and the poor tummy) certain accomodations would need to be made. Like if one has a major fussy tummy and only feels like eating certain things then it would make sense to eat those things as long as they are as healthy as you can make them.
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Give me some examples of "The right carbs are unprocessed carbs". I am trying to cut carbs for Billy and I but not altogether, so what foods are the good carbs in? Like grape nuts , whole wheat breads ? Brand names I need some brand names.

Mrs Billy
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I can't give you names because I don't eat that kind of food.

IMHO anything made by General Mills or Fritolay and their like was not produced with my best interests at heart. So, I buy my food at either a health food store or Trader Joes (I know they aren't all over the country) or Whole Foods.

As far as cereals go, oatmeal is good, especially organic oatmeal.

If you are buying store bought bread you have to read the label to see the actual ingredients they put in it. Usually they've added things to make it stay "fresh" on the shelf longer (which is in their best interest). These additives aren't food and the liver has to process them out.

One key is the number of ingredients on the list. Less is more. If you are buying corn chips and they have twenty-seven ingredients listed you know they aren't just corn chips. If the list three ingredients (corn, oil [not hydrogenated], and salt) you can see what you are getting.

Don't forget that all vegetables and fruits are carbs and they are good for you (fruit in moderation like one to two a day).

Oh--I jus thought of a brand. Don't know if its available around the country but "Newman's Own" are usually very good, and they also have an organic line. I just looked at their website and you do have to read the ingredients with them too, because their microwave popcorn has hydrogenated oil in it.

[BTW, if anyone is interested, hydrogenated oil means they have added hydrogen thus creating saturated oil. This makes products last longer on the shelf, but its an unnatural form of oil. They started adding this sort of oil to foods after WW2 and we have been getting fatter and fatter ever since.]

Another aside--there is an excellent oil called Udo's Choice (you have to get it at a health food store) that has Flax seed oil and other oils with a balance of omega 3/6/9. I add a little bit of balsamic vinegar to it and throw it on a salad. It tastes great and it is really really good for you. I can see a difference in my skin if I do that every day. Its not cheap though.
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I don't know if red meats are necessarily bad for you but I do know it takes the liver longer to process the red meats.  And I figure our liver is doing enough work right now with this virus.  

I do agree with Greatbird on the healthy diet, though.  Just refamiliarize yourself with the food pyramid and eat as healthy as you can.  It's easier sometimes than other times but works for me overall.

Good luck.
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I just realized what a terrible fog I am in.   I really need to keep coming back to this forum.

When I read what you wrote " a good liver diet is a well-balanced diet "  I told myself " Thank God that I really do enjoy eating liver, especially with fried onions". I was getting ready to get up and go to the living room to remind my wife Aida to purchase some liver this week. And then it hit me.  I can't stop laughing at myself..  Thank you ...

I will keep coming.

Have a great day.... EDGAR
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I read it.

Yep, your mind is in the clouds. I am laughing out loud.
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LOL. You made me laugh too. Thanks so much for sharing.
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About food:

I decided to cook a real dinner tonite. I got a recipe from Foodnetwork, 5 ingredients, I figured, how hard can that be?

They don't say that it is about an hour per ingredient.

Started at 8:30am. done at lunch time.


it had better be good
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Hey...did you say real dinner??  haha are we invited?  you never did say what you were cooking but it sounds like it takes a long time to prepare.LOL
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Yes, please come for dinner. Only five ingredients but five hours of prepe and cooking time too!
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Unless the doc has restricted your diet, I advocate eating what the heck you want on treatment. It seems that we all try to "eat right" when we start treatment and often cut-out a LOT of calories. This combined with the treatment itself, plus sides like loss of appetite, having everything taste bad, and so on, I think, in the balance, is not helpful. Worry with eating "healthy" after treatment and help your body recover. God bless! -Michael
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LOL  You better be there because I volunteered you for dishes!! Rofl
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Wow. don't get caught too much in the low carb craze.  This country has the tendency to look at foods in terms of one component,  eggs=cholesterol (never mind it has lecithin to emulsify the fat, has natural iron, vit a, etc. ), fruit juices= calories (never mind the micronutrients) and on we go.  
The best thing to do(I sometimes don't follow my advice,lol) is to cut out or eliminate "refined" sugars and grains. These are simple carbohydrates and the worst for your pancreas.    The key on carbs is complex is the best: whole grains, vegggies, fruits.  Your body processes these much differently and some don't get absorb but used as fiber by the body.   Get a list of complex carbs and choose from there.

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Thanks, what do you reccomend in complex carbs ? Like I gained 10 lbs this winter and I'm trying to keep old Mr Billy healthy and my child loves pasta {I think I had to many noodles this winter} in more ways then one. What about the low carb bread and pasta have you tried them? Have any fav cereals or breads ?

Greatbird Thanks !

Honey LOL

Chevy You ok goily?

Edgar LMAO !!!

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You let me know when you can make it and dinner will be on the table. It is chicken, but not just ANY old chicken. Chicken browned till golden, a large onion sauteed until also golden, a clove of garlic added, simmered gently until done; then cider vinegar added to make a rich and flavorful sauce ...


ask my husband.

I am too tired to eat it.  (lol)

Did # 11 tonite. Hanging in there.
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Hey...dinner sounds wonderful and I loved your pictures and thanks for sharing!! #9 was for me tonite and its been about 2 hours now and already kicking in...LOL  I don't get sick..sick but can tell after couple of hours because I will get a little queasy, and very, very tired.  We are coming up close to the 3 month marker and I pray that its killing the dragon! Have a good evening!
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Thank you. I did 11 about 4 hours ago. I do not work so Sunday nite is a good nite for me. Also, Sunday is a great nite for my favorite shows, "Sopranos, The L Word," - gives me something to look forward to and takes the edge off of shot nite. I am still a hard core kind of older hippie, I guess. But sometimes I dream I am one of the characters on "Friends."

Sending you wishes for a lite sides week - we are almost 1/4 of the way, unless you are lucky enough to be on the 24 week plan?
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Your best arm would be to google search "complex carbohydrates"  look at a list of them and choose what you Know will be accepted at the table.  

No sense in spending the money and then the dog gets it, lol.
I remember buying a bread that tasted like cardboard.  I buy either pumpernickel or 100% whole wheat.  Pepperidge farm makes a soft oatmeal one that is delicious.   Like someone said, if you read the ingredients and there are too many weird scientific names, skip it.  Beware of added gelatins and food starch.  Plain whole grains with leavening or as close to it is better. Happy hunting.

deb and newb; yahoo is messed up tonite, so I have not been able to send mail.  I will try tomorrow.   GN....need zzzzzzzzzzzzz
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my dr.said no high protien diets like atkins would be good for my liver. he simply told me to follow the american heart asc. diet, which is basically low fat,lots of vegies, fruits, healthy low fat meats. like fish, chicken,...i also agree that the fats we choose should be carefully looked at. good fats like olive oil and those spoken of above.
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